Sunday, December 24, 2006

high class

I'm home and somehow have internet.  I'm fairly certain that I won't after the new year, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I'm working on the i-cord edging for Ryan's hat.  Not so sure how much I like it, not so sure how much I care.  But, over half way done the finishing aspect and I won't see him for a while, so I'm  ok with that.  Maybe I'll mail him a picture of the finished hat, though.

Need to finish Tina's sock by oh, 4pm tomorrow when she comes over for Christmas dinner.  But, I think that's totally possible, assuming that I do nothing but knit tomorrow.

I started a scarf for my sister - this multicolored yarn she bought at Michael's.  All in all, it isn't that bad.  I'm doing a basketweave pattern, which she is really liking.  I think it will be a fairly fast knit, so long as I stay on top of it.  I just need to think a bit in the process, so I remember to continue the pattern.

The holiday party season has started.  TheBoyfriend's family had a get-together this evening and I went for a little bit.  I ended up on puppy duty- they have a cocker spaniel/poodle mix named Butterscotch.  She's super cute and very friendly.  However, she's still puppy enough to been to be on a leash will all these strange people around and I ended up with the leash.  She was very well behaved, would sit or lay down at my feet.  Many a time, my shoe was used as a pillow.  All things considered, she was very mellow this evening.  

Then I went to the annual Christmas party of family friends.  Lots of good food, open bar.  I discovered that ginger ale, sour apple schnapps, and vodka is quite yummy, as they couldn't make whiskey sours.  And discovered that my parents have both smoked pot and that my mother had SoCo at her high school prom - prompting me to say "So my mother was a high class underage drinker who wore short skirts."  Just as I finished that sentence, someone turned and looked at us with the best expression on his face.  He shrugged and walked off; we burst out laughing.  It was a fun evening and good to see my parents remembering the times when they used to get along, even if my mother did lock him in the hallway, naked.  Twice.  (but then, he fell for the same trick twice, so the second time wasn't her fault.)

My camera's batteries died, again, so no pictures yet.  But I do promise pictures of the Christmas Bush that is currently gracing the living room.

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  1. Movies on Christmas Day? Are you sure you're not Jewish?
    Have a Merry Christmas (sounds like it, if you get to knit all day).