Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things recently learned (or relearned)

If you ever have to choose between having a cat hair in your eye or an eyelash, go for the eyelash.  Even if you are not allergic to cats.  Considering the size difference between the two, you might think the eyelash would be more painful, but that is a dirty filthy lie.

While Kit is a person in cat clothing, Schroedie is a puppy in kitten clothing.  Evidence:
  • he plays fetch
  • he has destroyed a flip flop (which, sadly, is no longer available.) and regularly attacks shoes
  • he sits up and does other tricks to get treats
  • he walks on a leash
  • he greets me at the door when I come home, all excited to see me and, presumably, tell me about his day
The internets are full of weird and crazy and mean people.  Thankfully, there are also amazingly kind, sweet, and thoughtful people that will knit you socks just because you asked.  Often, those groups of people exist in the same places on the internet.  They just tend to gravitate towards sides of the room, if you will.

The biggest problem with life is a lack of time.  There isn't enough time to work 8 hours, work out for 1, cook and eat a yummy dinner, do homework, knit, take pictures, practice the clarinet, learn piano, ride horses, etc. etc. etc.  And there never will be, so when you have a chance: take it.

Pictures of babies can make everything better, even if just for a few minutes.

Friends will often pop up out of unexpected places.

A coworker's life goal is to purchase a trailer and then die in a tornado in said trailer.  S/he thinks that will be a fast way to go, and relatively painless.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eye Candy Sunday

Or: Something To Do Other Than Write A Paper:

all straight out of the camera, I think these were with the cybershot.

I really really am ready to be DONE with school.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Coloured Plastics*

I am sick, and while still able to breathe, am regularly attempting to cough up a lung or two.  And cold meds?  They tend to make me kinda loopy.  Honestly, I'd rather be drunk - then I'd at least have had the chance to enjoy a few good beers or whiskeys or what-have-yous.  (Is there a drink called "what have you"?  If not, I should create it and lo, it shall be awesome.)

So, I'm home, sick from work, losing my voice just in time for a presentation that I have to give in class on Monday morning.  Should be fun.

Look, knitting (and a kitten...)

Urban Aran, with kitten for scale.  Fronts, back, and most of the sleeves are complete.  I still need to order more yarn to finish the sleeves and collar... Something tells me that I won't be wearing this til the fall.  Which is really no surprise.

Print O the Wave:

Basically, it is a large lump on the floor, as I am sloooooooowly working my way around, attaching the boarder.  Had a few complete brain meltdowns in my attempts to figure out what, exactly, I was supposed to be doing.  Not sure that I'm completely correct, but so far, I like what I see.  (well, minus the endless repeats of this over and over and over again, for the rest of all time.)


I have started this like, seven times. Not even kidding.  And ... first, I am NOT going to be knitting garter stitch in the round on a blanket that has at least 700+ stitches on the last couple of rows.  Nope, not happening.  Secondly, it puckers and no matter what I did, I could never find a way to join the new color that I liked.  And when I went back and wove the ends in, no matter what I did, it looked bad and felt worse.  I love the concept though, and I think I've figured out a way to translate it into crochet.  

Oh, yes.  I've gone over to the dark side.  I have become a hooker.  But only for this one baby blanket.

I came home one day to find a skein of Lorna's Laces forming a yarn puddle on the carpet.  The kitten had gotten bored and basically, gutted the skein.  I'm still finding bits and pieces of the label here and there, but managed to untangle the whole thing and wind it into a ball.

The yarn basket now lives on top of the fridge.  I'm hoping he doesn't figure out how to climb up there. 

And of course, continuing my habit of coming home and checking under the bed to see what, exactly, is not supposed to be under there.  Current list includes the following:

-one tomato
-one plum
-one tupperware container that had held lunch and had been sitting in the sink, waiting for me to empty the dishwasher so I could reload it.  He managed to pry the lid off and eat all the left-over rice from that particular lunch.
-four or five different skeins or balls of yarn, stolen from my stash.
-various articles of clothing, dug out of the dirty laundry pile
-my glasses - luckily for him, they never seem to land lens-side down

Of course, he is currently curled up on the desk in front of me, using my left arm as a pillow.  Good thing he's so cute.

*Doug Randle

Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Open Letter (or several)

Dear Wind:

Please stop.  The power flickering on and off keeps resetting the modem and wireless router, which means I keep getting kicked off line.  In case you didn't know, about 90% of my homework has to be done online.  YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

No love,

Dear Schrodie:

When I try to play with you, it is because I know you get bored and need something to do.  Do not sit there and stare blindly at the lazer dot on the floor - chase the damn thing.  You are more than willing to run around like an idiot when I'm trying to sleep, so when I'm playing with you would be a great time to run around as well.  Also?  GET OFF and STAY OFF the kitchen counters.  And I will be happy to keep throwing the toy so long as you bring it back.  If you want to play fetch, then follow the rules.

Frustrated, but also somewhat amused,
the person who feeds you

Dear laundry:

If you could some how find your own way to the washer and dryer and return clean and at least mostly dry, I will be more than happy to fold you and put you away safely.

the person who is considering going shopping rather than doing laundry

Dear professors:

Yes, we all love stories.  But if you are going to require us to travel to campus (some of my classmates traveled from places such as South Carolina or Rhode Island), then maybe you could try TEACHING  us something at 8am on a Saturday morning?  If I wanted story time, I could go to the local library.

Also?  We are library students.  I really hope that we do not need to be shown how to search a database.  And if we do?  That should not take up 45 minutes of class time.  If you really feel that we will need those sorts of skills for this class - and I admit that we do - require students to complete 504 - Intro to Reference before taking your class.

with no thanks for wasting an entire Saturday,
a student

Dear vacuum cleaner:

I am very happy that you are feeling better again, in time for our weekly session.  But, do you think you can manage to make it through the entire session?  If not, please let me know so I can make sure to prioritize.

thanks in advance,
the clean freak

Dear Spring Break:

Please hurry up and get here.  Not only will I then be about half way through the semester, I will have completed a number of assignments and, in theory, my work load will be reduced but for three final projects.  I can handle three final projects.  (oh, and a few papers, but whatever.  3-5 page papers on romance novels and mystery novels will be easy.)

Also, I am greatly looking forward to you, Spring Break, and mentally need the time off.  There are also certain plans that I am REALLY excited about, and they all seem to involve Philly.  And a certain person.

waiting not-so-very-politely,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reasons Why It Needs To Be Spring Already:

It is 12:13am and I just stood outside, in my pjs, for 5 minutes.  Because I could not breathe inside.  BECAUSE OF THE [insert really long and descriptive string of curse-words here, and know that I have said EVERY one of them] DOWNSTAIRS NEIGHBOR.  Who smokes.  In her apartment.  That shares heat registers with mine.  Of course, I'm fairly sure I'd get stuck with the smoke smell even if we DIDN'T share registers, but still.  Be warm and keep all your fingers or toes or regularly wake up, unable to breathe?  Take your pick!

I suppose one could argue that it is not HER fault, but the landlords.  For allowing her to smoke.  (When, by the way, my lease forbids me from smoking, as does the next-door-neighbor's.)  They have acknowledged that it is a problem but ... well, they don't know how to SOLVE the problem.  Here's a thought: just give up and make it a smoking building.  Then you'll have smokers.  Who won't care.  And won't want to call you at 3am when they wake up, unable to breathe cause of the smoke smell.  The thing that really confuses me however, is the fact that my landlord took over the building from someone else.  At which point.. I don't think they were required to honor the previous lease.  And even if they WERE, that was three years ago.  Does this woman have a five year lease or something?  

I wonder - is this the type of information they were required to disclose before I signed the lease?  Or, can I argue with them, if they choose to continue to be their wonderful, asshole selves and not refund my security deposit in full, that they owe ME money for the damage done to my furniture, etc?  But it needs to be spring so that a) the heat is turned off, as that just makes the problem worse and b) I can open windows.

It also needs to be spring so that I can start running, outside.  It was almost warm enough today, but gloves were still required.  

I am tired of being cold and unable to breathe cause it is cold OR being warm and unable to breathe cause of the smoke smell.  Plus, I would like to ENJOY being in the place I will call home for the next six months.

Is it can be spring time?