Wednesday, April 26, 2006

several arrows later

My computer is officially broken. No longer does it recognize that the cable is plugged and thus, no longer do I get online. Somehow, I see this being a good thing. No more wasting hours and hours on knitting blogs. And Freecell can only hold me for so long.

Completely frogged the Sixth Sense Socks. My roommate, who is not quite 5'1'', has tiny feet and she couldn't get the sock past the ball of her feet. Should have thought to check sooner, but denial is a powerful thing? I think I'll add two pattern repeats and work with the size 2 needles. That should give me a decent chance of finding SOMEONE the socks fit.

I've been looking for a pattern for the Opal yarn. Self-patterning yarn, so I want to use a fairly basic pattern. I've discovered that I like short-row heels and toes much much more than heel flaps and gussets and pointy decreased toes. (Never mind the fact that I have the hardest time figuring out how many stitches to knit each row and can't see if a stitch has been wrapped or not. Go figure.) I think I want a toe up pattern, cause I haven't tried that yet. I'm figuring to get a good bit of knitting done during finals week, since I'll write the paper due at the end of next week some time this week.

Saw Matt Pond PA tonight. As always, he (and the rest of the band) rocked. I love the cello. Love, love, love. Really shouldn't be too surprising, since I love Yo Yo Ma as well.

Went to see a production of Much Ado About Nothing on Monday night. Or rather, went to see the first dress rehearsal of a production of Much Ado About Nothing. The Roommate and I were two of about ... 8 people sitting in the theater (which prolly seats about 60 people, max) and that included the director, stage manager, and costume guy. It was very well done though and I managed to swatch more Opal yarn. Since getting about 10 sts per inch with size 2. I'm wondering if I should go for the whole 4" swatch, rather than the 2-3" I've been doing. That involves a whole lot of casting on though and I don't want to wait.

Since I'm in the computer lab, I have no pictures. I should see if taking my laptop to the end of the hall lets me pick up the wireless connection from the building next door. I doubt it, since I'm sure PSU has managed to end the range about 2 feet from the sides of the building.

Monday, April 24, 2006

you'll see boys

So, the sixth sense sock is moving along... but is undeniably too small for my feet. I don't want to frog and start all over- I'm getting about 10 stitches to the inch when I should be getting 8.5. Moving up a size in needles might not do that much good. I could add another pattern repeat to the number of stitches to cast on, but then I get the problem of attempting to do math when I get to the heel again. Shouldn't be too hard, but I don't wanna rip. If they fit my roommate's tiny feet (and she'll actually wear them) , I'll frog and start over.

The lace hasn't moved any farther, since I screw up too many times if I look away from that one. I'll have time to work on that at the beach.

I actually get a vacation this summer! Wahoo! The Boyfriend's family has a house in the Outer Banks and he's having friends down for the first two weeks after finals. I've got to work on Sunday, but will drive down on the 8th and drive back on the 12th.  

In other news, visited Whipple Dam on Sunday with the Photo Club. (Or rather, two other members of the photo club. Turn out, not so great. Shots, great.) It was really nice out, after a loud thunderstorm that morning and rain all day on Saturday. A bit too buggy for my taste, but I'm told I have high standards.

I love the following shot. I happened to glance at the park's rules and regulations and found definitions of some of the things forbidden- pets and snowmobiles, in particular. I didn't read the whole thing and couldn't get a picture that would let me read it later, but I wonder if they later forbid equines and bovines, or could one bring cattle to the park?

I want to cast on Opal sock yarn and start those. I knit a swatch tonight while watching a dress rehearsal/preview of Much Ado About Nothing. I got about 10.5 stitches per inch on US size 2 needles. I don't think that's normal. (Specially when the band tells me 8 stitches to one inch on US size 1 needles.) What to do, what to do? I think I'll just knit another swatch. I've discovered that I can't NOT knit. (And that's how I know that knitting is a disease.) Maybe toe up socks would be the solution, cause I could just keep increasing til they fit? Suggestions?

(Side note: If I want people to read my blog, I should start leaving comments on other people's blogs. (yes, I do like to state the obvious.) But... I feel like I'm butting into the "adults' time" since the average age of a knitter who blogs is NOT 20. So, am I too young to 'fit in' the knitting blog circle(s)? Or do I just need to keep leaving comments and post lots of pictures so people come back to see how projects are progressing? Again, suggestions, my non-existent audience?)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have NO talent for witting titles. Or interesting titles.

I'm currently having serious issues with my internet connection. A 'local area cable has been unplugged' on a VERY regular basis and doesn't like to be plugged back in. I've fiddled with it quite a bit and I think it is a hardware issue, which means I need to replace my network card. That won't be happening any time soon so I think my computer will continue to vex me. (I swear it knows when I want to talk to someone on AIM or go to a website, since I almost always lose a connection then. Evil, evil thing that must last at least two more years.)

And so concludes the lengthly explanation for the lack of any updates.

I was on repeat 7 on the lace scarf when I realized I had made a mistake some 4 rows back. I'm now working on the 5th repeat again. I think I've learned why people hate knitting lace. If you screw up and have to frog, you had better hope that you thought to put lifelines in. I had been carrying one lifeline every pattern repeat, but my mistake was below that. Luckily, one row only has 25 stitches, compared to the other's with 31. It looks much better now, if a bit shorter.

I've started the Sixth Sense Socks. I'm loving the yarn, Sockotta, even though it is 45% cotton. I normally hate knitting cotton cause it doesn't have that much stretch to it. I'm also loving my new bamboo dpns. Almost enough to go buy another set. Almost. Then I could cast on my Opal sock yarn, which arrived over the weekend. But I think I should finish these before finals. I'm afraid they might be too small for me, so I need to find someone with smaller feet who will actually wear them.

I think I'm going to set up my textbook to knit and read. Luckily for me, I've already read tomorrow's assignment so close attention to detail will be towards the sock, not The Rape of the Lock. YAY for yarn and needle goodness. And yay for homework that allows me to knit and read. The paper I have yet to write will piss me off cause it will cut into good knitting time.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Knitting is a disease

One ball of this:

Can knit into about this much sock:

I finished them last week, on Sunday, I think. Since then, I've been working on my lace scarf (on the 5th repeat out of 27...) but I actually have to pay attention to that one and read the pattern, meaning that I can't knit and watch TV.

I'm also working on a felting project- pot holders. I ended up with a lot of Patton's left over and it is supposed to be great wool for felting. My mother has been after me to knit potholders and I figured I could manage to knit and felt a potholder before finals week.

I bought three skeins of Opal sock yarn off of eBay this week, two arrived today. I'm excited to start with those, though the yarn looks super tiny. Lots of little stitches on little dpns. Woo!

I also ventured out to Stitch Your Art Out today, the local yarn/quiting store. Cute little shop, lots of awesome and yummy yarns. Sadly, there is a yarn store closer at school than at home... Bah. Oh, well. Should just encourage me to buy online or in bulk. (Somehow, that doesn't seem like a good thing for my wallet...)

So, now I have three balls of yarn to start for socks so I'm looking around for patterns. And I'll be able to start my SixSock knit-along socks, which will be awesome.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I handed in my Honors College application today. I watched the Honors Advisor sign it, so I have a fairly decent chance of getting in. He has mentioned oh.. 4 times that every student he nominates gets into the college. But, it is out of my hands and has two recommendation letters to go with it.

Hopefully, I will also be getting paperwork for concurrent majors signed tomorrow. YAY for insanity!

In other news, the second sock is zooming right along. I'd show more pictures, but I am lazy and that requires finding the camera cord, unplugging the printer, plugging in the camera, and remembering to plug the printer back in when done, so that I don't think that the printer has broken again when I attempt to print something. (Yes, it happens on a regular basis. No, I do not learn.)

I bought some yummy wool/silk blend to attempt lace with. I found a pattern on that I just love and I want to attempt lace. And since I'm going to have a good bit of yarn left over from the socks, I'm wondering if you can felt lace. Anyone know?

And since I like pictures, I'll leave you with a few shots from my trip to NYC last month. MOMA, Phantom of the Opera, and a random shot.

seriously, what is there NOT to like? And besides, it can
totally be my theme picture for days like today.

Dali! I lurve Dali. Anyone who can paint a skull out of nude female
bodies and have it both awesomely cool and very weird is cool in my book.

Ah, the national debt clock. Only in America?

Monday, April 3, 2006

The Evolution of a Sock

I blame the Yarn Harlot for my decision to make a sock. (ok, two. Socks are not useful if you only have one unless you plan on making sock puppets.) But first, one has to learn how to knit in the round on dpns.

So cute! So tiny! So pointy and hard to hold!

Then comes the swatching and the measuring (of swatch and foot) and the calculating. Then one can cast on the sock, join, and knit.

I think my aunt has had that table cloth since forever.

I ended up knitting while reading for class. And while watching TV. And on the bus to NYC, during Phantom of the Opera, the bus ride back.

Also, while reading knitting blogs.

The leg warmer became a leg-and-ankle warmer, which then grew to warm a heel and part of the foot as well.
I also knit when I should be working on a study guide for an exam.

Eventually, I ended up with a whole sock. That I knitted all by myself in less than 3 weeks. I'm proud to announce that I've already cast on the second sock and am over 4" into the 6" cuff. Funny, how the second sock seems to go faster, once one actually has some idea of what one is doing.
A sock! Made by me! And yarn and sticks! And it looks very sock-like!

After the sock, I want to knit with some mircospun by LionBrand. Problem is, I can only find patterns that require more than one ball of yarn. I, the nearly broke college student, only have one ball of lilac and one ball of white. I'm really liking the way it knits up on smallish needles- solid, dense, and soft fabric. But what do I do with it? Right now, I seem to just be admiring the swatch. Any suggestions? Any? No? Ok then.