Sunday, December 10, 2006

time continues

Things have calmed down some, which is quite helpful.

I got my Knitpicks Andean Treasure, 100% baby alpaca and I am in love. So soft! Such a pretty gray color! So soft! I'm resisting temptation and will not cast on to swatch until AFTER all my final exams have been taken and final papers have been handed in.

I finished the body of Ryan's hat last night, while watching Mean Girls and Full House. So, now to knit the ear flaps, figure out how to knit an applied I-cord, and his hat is mostly done. Woohoo! I should be able to give it to him before Christmas. Tina's sock is still progressing, just makes for some boring pictures. And also, the camera's batteries are charging, so I couldn't take new pictures. And blogger didn't want to upload old pictures, so you get nothing.  Next time?

I finished the second 10 page paper on Friday, just need to read through once more to catch typos and grammar mistakes. I attempted to start the 20 page paper today and just wanted to curl up and cry. I'd rather talk to my professor for 30 minutes about the topic, have him grill me on it than write this paper. Hrm, maybe I could arrange that? Shall have to ponder.. But either way, I need to do some more work on that as I could be giving a 15 minute presentation in class as soon as tomorrow. Oh, joy. Oh, rapture. Oh, yes, I'm totally in trouble.

Though, I'd probably be more than able to wing it for 15 minutes in class tomorrow, even with the short 2 pages I currently have written. At this rate, I would actually be able to finish the paper by its due date.

I've decided not to take the final for one class, and having received an A on the major paper of another class, I can blow off that final a bit and maintain my grade. In the only class I have an actual final exam, I also have an A and can blow off the final. Which leaves me with 25 pages of papers yet to write - one 20 page paper and a 5 page paper. I've sat down and scheduled out the week, figured out what must happen by when for me to maintain my sanity. Luckily, all my favorite TV shows are re-runs this week, so I have an extra 4 hours to write. Or curl up and cry, it is all the same at this point.

Next semester better have fewer papers at the end.. Three English classes, three history classes. Why'd I pick these majors again?

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  1. ..because you like knowing what is coming ("doomed to repeat it...."), and do you know how many history classes I passed because of my knowledge of literature (rhymes with manure, btw)? Keep typing. In the bad old days, we had to keep re-typing, no backspace key.