Friday, May 26, 2006

you'll think of me

I'm all settled in the apartment, though I have yet to take pictures. I'm rarely in the place during the day- I come upstairs between 5:30 and 7pm, take a shower, and often turn around and leave again.

I've got wireless internet from the main house, but the signal is really low. This is my current set up:

That's the only place my computer doesn't a) over-heat (stupid Dell setup) and b) lose internet signal.

As a result, blogging hasn't happened. I'm hoping to fix that, but no promises. In exchange, I offer this following shot of the first completed sock:

I've started the second one already, but have limited time to work on it. Three nights a week are devoted to homework- at least two hours of reading a night. Reading about things like the library, what a card catalog is, and why I might want to use it. Technically, I'm a junior in college. If I don't know that by now, I should be failing out of school.

The lace scarf hasn't gotten much farther, either. I got a good 5 pattern repeats in at the Outer Banks, but haven't touched it since. No wonder it takes me so long to finish stuff.

I'm debating with the idea of devoting a day of the week to cross-stitch. I have a ton of kits left that I haven't started/finished and I love it. Problem is, you actually have to pay attention to that. And count. A lot. We'll see.

Hopefully, I'll soon have a better set up that doesn't kill back, arms, and hands to type.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

A short reappearance, only

For some odd reason, wasn't loading for me for the last week or so. I could read blogs hosted by blogger, just not up-date my own. Once I got the new Ethernet adapter, random pages stopped loading. Other pages randomly lost pictures- they would load, I would scroll to the bottom of the page, and they would have disappeared when I scrolled back up. Very strange.

Lots of sock process. Not last Wednesday, but the one before, I cast on again- with a bigger needle size and two more pattern repeats. That Saturday night, I turned the heel. I didn't knit as much as I had wanted to during finals week, but I have evenings for knitting now. Well, knitting and reading.

That was taken on.. the 2nd. What day of the week was the second? The sock is now about 5" long, all said and done. Hopefully, I'll finish that this coming week and start on the mate. I'm not taking any other sock yarn in hopes that that .. mental trick will work. Can only knit what one has.

I've finished 13 pattern repeats with the lace scarf, so I'm about half-way done that. Supposed to do 27 pattern repeats, but I have this weird ... thing with odd numbers. Plus, I think the scarf looks better when folded in half with an even number of repeats. But again, that could be the weird ... thing with odd numbers.

I'm heading to the beach tomorrow- the Outer Banks, actually. Spent a good 20 minutes tonight, going over maps and stuff, figuring out my directions. Should be an 8 hour drive, what fun! But I plan on leaving at 8am, so I'll still have the evening there.

I've been attempting to unpack from school, reorganize, pack for beach and pack for apartment, without losing my mind. So far, I gave up on the packing for apartment and getting everything neat and organized and out of the way. Many things need to happen, like taking the queen size down comforter off my twin bed at home (my bed is really high. Think mid-thigh to hip level.), replacing it with the twin size comforter from school, and taking the queen size to the apartment. I need to sort through clothing, figure out what I'm going to do as far as clothing storage- closet in the bedroom over there is TINY, with one self. And the room contains only a bed. (but said bed is comfy. And large. But very low- that's gonna be weird.)