Tuesday, January 9, 2007


So, um, this regular-posting concept?  Doesn't seem to have sunken in very far.

I haven't been knitting very much, in part because I'm not watching TV at home and in part because I don't have a lot of free time.

I have, however, mostly finished Ryan's hat.  I need to make the tassel for the top and snip off three already-woven in ends that I wove in before I found the scissors.  (Actually, I have yet to find the scissors, so we'll see when that happens.)  It is in the process of drying right now - I blocked it tonight and am shaping it on a stuffed Eeyore I have at home.

I'm also on row 4 (or 12, depending on the chart) of the Bayerische socks, which I am LOVING.  My sister is lucky that I dislike the color of the yarn or I just might steal the finished socks from her.  Maybe they won't fit and I can have them?  They are rather stretchy, though.  I keep messing up parts and having to rip and re-knit.  I've been just ripping a few stitches to the side of the mistake and knitting back up in that section, since I think I might curl up and cry if I had to reknit large sections.  (The whole sock, just small sections at a time, seems to be acceptable though.  It is normal to play mental games with oneself, right?)

I've been cranking out my sister's scarf as well - I think I have about a foot done now.  With the bulky yarn, I imagine that the whole thing shall go fast, if I were to actually sit and knit the thing.

And I finaly cast on for the Blaze sweater.  I only have the correct size needle to do the ribbing at the bottom though, so the major part of that might have to wait til I get back to school and can borrow needles from Julie.  Or I'll just break down and buy a pair.  I am loving the fabric made from the KnitPicks alpaca.  Softy and squishy!

I've also spent some $350+ on my car, what with new brakes, an oil change, and a new headlight bulb.  I think I need to replace a few other things, but I plan on waiting til the next oil change.  (Which will be soon, given that I've already put some 500+ miles on since I got home.  And need to drive back to school.  And may be driving back here for a doctor's visit after classes start.)

I think I might get around to dyeing the sock yarn tomorrow.  We'll see if I manage to drag myself out to the barn tomorrow or not.

And Blogger seems to hate pictures, so I'll continue to promise them and not deliver.  (At least you know what to expect from me!)

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  1. Glad to hear you are still among us. Isn't that the way with cars? We had to get Husband's fixed and I lost three days of work (which would have just about covered the cost of repairs). Can't wait for the new semester (then the pool will be open).