Monday, April 27, 2009

I would walk 500 miles

Another shot from last weekend up at Greene Valley. I love water.

Another glorious weekend over. Lei came to visit and we were our typical boring selves. Xtension Chords concert on Friday night (and I was rather disappointed, as the group used wireless body mics rather than corded standing mics, and as a result, you could almost NEVER hear the soloist(s). GAH). Then, doughnuts and shopping and ice cream and good TV and a puzzle for the rest of the day.

And then we made cakewaffles this morning. Any day that involves cakewaffles can't be that bad at all. Plus, it is suddenly and gloriously spring. (Well, late spring, what with the 80-degree temps, but that is ok.)

I'm itching to be outside, in the sun and the breeze. I want to go running, but I need new running shoes or I won't be able to walk in a few weeks. I've promised myself that once the really crazy part of this semester is over, I'm allowed to start working out seriously again. I miss riding like crazy all the sudden. Here's a picture of the best horse EVER.

He's currently 32? 33? years old and still going. He is happily retired and still hates to have his face cleaned. He recognizes me and never knows if I'm good news or not. So I just feed him treats every time I see him and give him a great big hug.

And since my mind is now back at the barn, here's an awesome picture from last summer. I heart the macro function of my camera.

In other news, Schrodie has taken to sleeping on top of the cabinets above the fridge. This is bad news, as I had moved my stash on top of the fridge so I could stop coming home to discover that SOMEONE had unwound balls of yarn all across the living room and really really really wants to help rewind it again. Oddly, his help always makes the job take longer.

Just two more weeks, and then almost everything will be over. One class is over already, another one will be done by Friday. The reading levels have really tapered off, which is good as I have to write a 10 page paper this week and put together a presentation on said paper to be given on Thursday. At the very least, two pages of that paper will be taken up by a transcription of this:

And in still other news: It was the Blue/White weekend, and I didn't get to go. BUT, it looks like a few PSU football players did well in the draft, so I'll have a few more teams I need to watch from now on, to follow my PSU favorites. Like the Hawks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And The World Is Made of Engery*

I had the best weekend in quite a while. Drove up to Chicago-land, to spend the weekend with Farmer John. We watched lots of How I Met Your Mother, made yummy food, and went hiking in the Greene Vally Forest Preserve. Sadly, it was not quite spring yet, so there was a lack of pretty flowering stuff and the day was kinda cloudy and overcast, but at the very least it was warm.

We saw a baby snake! He wouldn't stick his tongue out for the camera though. Maybe he was actually a teenage snake?

I got kinda frustrated as many of my shots didn't turn out as I had them in my head. However, I think a lot of things could be quickly solved with some cropping and other simple editing. One of these days, I'll get around to doing that sort of thing in iPhoto. Til then, will be lazy and just post pictures anyway.

PLUS, I got to meet up with a few Chicago-land CPaAGers from Ravelry, and I got to spend the morning (while Farmer John was, of course, playing frisbee) knitting and sewing the zipper into my Urban Aran. I need to pretty up the zipper, but other than that, the cardigan is mostly done. You know, just in time for spring. I'll need to ask those who took pictures if it is ok if I steal them and put them up here. So more on that topic later. At the very least, I promise FO pictures of the Urban Aran.

Now, to face/deal with the homework, etc. that I ignored in favor of actually relaxing. I made the mistake of making a list of EVERYTHING that needs to be done between now and the end of the semester. It didn't fit on one page. However, three things have since been finished and crossed off the list.

Why I never manage to get anything done: There is always a cat that wants to sit on me. But she was purring. (And as I type this, the kitten is curled up and using my left arm as a pillow. [snickers: I have Zombie Nation playing, as I am missing PSU football lately, and he's looking around for the source of teh noize. I don't think he likes Zombie Nation.])

Also: I knit Sheldon for a coworker's baby. Another coworker is pregnant with twins. Two girls. I want to knit her something similar in cute- and -easyiness levels. Sugguestions? I found a cute goldfish (ravelry link) which I think would be cute in a slightly varigated yarn. Any one known of another cute, easy, and free fishy pattern?

*The Apples in Stereo

Monday, April 13, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

I've decided to just start dressing as if it is already spring.

Ok, fine. I need to do laundry.

Score: weather: 1, self: .5 (I get a point for having clean clothing to wear, but lose half a point for being cold all day.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Maybe It's Time*

As it is the weekend, I put clean sheets on the bed today. (Ok, fine. I also am avoiding a paper. Whatever.) I'm not sure how it works, but no matter how dead to the world both cats are when I go get the clean sheets out of the closet....they are both awake and want to help make the bed seconds later.

Kit, per usual, ended up under the sheet and blanket, and was willing to play. Schrodie sat and watched the lump under the blanket move around, but never thought to play with it. When he finally would have been able to actually play with Kit.. he didn't even think to do so.

Kit is currently curled up right in front of me, using my left arm as a pillow. Schrodie, feeling left out, has moved from the floor by my feet, to the top of the printer, to the stand for my iMac. He doesn't quite fit as well as he used to, so he keeps stretch and shifting to get comfy. And then the tail twitches. Silly kitty.

and people wonder why I wanted three comfy seats just for me? there always seems to be
a kitty occupying at least one of them, meaning I would have to sit on the floor if I didn't have three.

I am nearly done the Urban Aran. HURRAH! (that's what Kit is sleeping on, above.) I need to finish seaming the sleeves, sew them in, and find and sew in a zipper. I might also need to make the sleeve cap a bit longer, as I am certain that my row gague is off and things don't look like they will work out well. I am certain that truely Spring Weather will arrive the second the thing is complete, so I am trying very hard to finish NOW.

I knelt on the sidewalk in front of a random house to get this shot.. had to use the macro
function, meaning I was only a few inches from the flower. I got a number of funny looks. I giggled.

In other news, I have finished all homework for this week, minus a 40 minute play-with-online-games-and-such-for-museums assignment and above paper. I have also made brownies and baked yummy bread. (Note to self: hide bread AND brownies from kitten.) And cleaned. And wasted time online. What fun!

I also read God Bless you, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut. I had forgotten how much I love Vonnegut's humor and outlook on life. And I uploaded a few pictures from an old zip drive:

I think what I love most about the above is the fact that
a) this was taken the summer before most of the above's senior year (my junior year)
b) all but ONE of us went to Penn State. (Will, second from right, went elsewhere)
Atkinson, Wark, Jimmy, Cederberg, Weaver, Scott, myself, Will, Stratton

Oh, high school. I've been finding a bunch of pictures from high school lately, and have realized that I was one of those weird people who actually LIKED high school. That said, I wouldn't do high school again. College, yes. In a heart beat.

3 out of 9 in this shot attended schools other than Penn State
Again, Will, and the other girls.
Will, Devin, Atkinson, Cederberg, myself, Megan, Weaver, Scott, Jimmy

Also? Have just realized that the first year of both high school and college kinda sucked the most and then it just kept getting better from there. Wonder what that means for grad school? For life?

*window twins

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Um.  Hi.

I am (finally) back from the dead.  Well, mostly.  I ended up rather sick over spring break, and ended up spending 3-4 days in bed.  Sleeping.  Eventually, I got bored enough of the view of my room to start sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed. 

As a result, spring break was kinda a wash.  I  basically got nothing done, other than a few fun things that I refused to give up, such as a trip into Philly with a certain person, nommy sushi with barn people, and my half/un birthday party.  Totally worth it, I think.  I shall continue to celebrate my half-birthday, as that one evening - still kinda sick, very very tired, and not drinking - was more fun than my last four birthdays combined.  And I didn't even get any presents! (although, Sister made me a PB&J sandwich the next day, which was awesome.)

I knew I was sick when I didn't want to go to the barn.  Or knit.  And fell asleep after every two or three paragraphs, no matter what I was reading.

I am back to knitting, now, though.  I have a completed back, two completed (and matching) fronts, one completed sleeve, and one almost-completed sleeve (only 18 rows to go, and decreases on most of those rows).  Soon, I will have to start sewing things together and then knit the collar.  I think I shall totally not follow the directions for that and just start somewhere.  Oh, and I suppose I ought to get a zipper or something.  Since I really kinda don't wanna do button bands and stuff.  We shall see, I suppose.

My sister ripped a hole in her Bayerische Socks.  Too big to simply repair, too central a spot to just mend and not care how it looks.  Thankfully, it is rather near the toe of cuff-down socks, so I was able to just unravel from the toe and re-knit.  I didn't bother to wash the yarn or anything, and it looks rather funky.  I am a little afraid, as I am ready to kitchner the toe shut again .... and I never ran out of yarn.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?   I will need to check it against it's mate and make sure that I (mostly) did the same things as before.

Schroedie, playing fetch:

(it is hard to hold a camera steady and throw a fuzzy pink mouse.)