Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't Rain On My Parade

Dear horses,

Why do you all seem to drink more water when it is raining out? Does the sound of rain makes you thirsty?

in wonderment,
the bringer of noms, wrangler of hoses, and shoveler of poop.

Dear CCLS,

Requiring my full name, library card number, AND a PIN just pisses me off. Mostly because the odds of me actually remembering the entirety of my library card number are slim-to-none and since you require three fields, my web browser doesn't recognize the info as a password and thus, won't save it. Also, renting out DVDs disc by disc and NOT specifying VERY CLEARLY in the online catalog which disc is which is just cruel. And I used to wonder why I never make time to go to the library...

a MLS graduate who greatly dislikes your system.

Dear body,

Get with the program. These random aches and pains? I'm going to ignore them until I can't, and then I just throw ibuprofen at them anyway. Don't you like your daily vitamin? And all the water I've been managing to drink? Oh, you just want warm weather again. I'll see what I can do about that.

the person who has no say in this matter, evidently.

Dear cats,

When you jump up on the bathroom sink and yell at me, I assume you want a drink. If you want something else, such as attention or love, don't demand it on the bathroom sink. You and I speak different languages and I'm doing my best here. Oh, and kitten? Stop sneaking into my purse to fish out the ball of yarn.

the person who knows full well that she's not actually in charge.

Dear weather,

I'm tired of having to change my underwear and pants multiple times a day. Please to be stopping with the multiple-day rain storms, mkay? Also, isn't it spring? Shouldn't there be a few awesome days of great weather?

the person who is tired of wearing a load of laundry a day.

Dear HWIA,

Thank you for living up to your online nickname. And a lot of other things, all of which tie back into you living up to your online nickname.

love, me.