Thursday, December 7, 2006


Ugh.. where to start?

The Taiga alpaca? About sock-weight yarn. The Website lied. I am angry. Now I need to decide if I want to spend $3 to ship it BACK to them and get store credit for $17.00 I spent on the yarn or if I want to keep 1040yards of sock weight alpaca. What, exactly, can one knit with that yarn? Shawls and scarves are out, since I'll never really wear them and I don't know anyone to which I could give them. (And donating... eh, the yarns too nice to just give away. And I'm a college student. And broke.)

So, I ordered KnitPicks Andean Treasure, in Fog, since I've seen a few people knit Blaze with that yarn, and It. Shall. Work. To get the free shipping, I bought a hank of natural sock yarn to dye my own yarn.

The hat, it continues. The sock, it also continues, past the heel. Both shall be done by Christmas.

Christmas shopping, that might not be done. I HAVE NO TIME.

And papers? Well, they kinda have to be done, so we'll just say that I have to finished editing a 10 page paper, write a 5 page paper, write a 25 page paper (this weekend... I'm screwed), write a 4 page paper for a take home final, take an in-class final, take a final during finals week, and something that I'm forgetting. Oh, decide if I want to take a take home final due the same day as 7 other things.

So, yeah. Back to the grindstone. Or knitting to avoid the grindstone. Which will be ok, as long as no yarn is harmed. Right?

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  1. Knit, write, knit, write, knit, write, continue. At least we're not snowed in (yet). I've got a size 50 aran sweater to knit, one sock to finish, a scarf and now Elder Son would like a cardigan (for channukah, 15-22). Is it ethical to wrap yarn? Can he wear the sweater in March? Stay tuned.