Monday, January 29, 2007

Last week? Not so good for the knitting.

I did, however, rip-out the sewn cast off of the paw print sock, knit another half inch or so of ribbing and then try a cast-off I saw on Wendy's blog. I like it MUCH better now. I'd take a picture, but really - it looks almost the same. Just better.

So now I can start the second sock. I'm trying to decide if I want to attempt to make the socks match or just go with it. I think I'll end up matching them. I couldn't bring myself to start the second one when I didn't like the first one.

I also got the second skein of yarn for my sister's scarf, so hopefully I'll be able to knock that thing out in a week or two, just to make myself feel better about the number of things on needles right now.

Blaze is moving along... It would make a semi decent tube top right about now, but not so sure about how much I like the idea of a cabled tube top. Or a tube top in general, so I'll just keep knitting. For the most part, I've memorized the pattern. I just have to stop and figure out if I'm knitting/purling each stitch or crossing them on each round. I've just joined the third ball of yarn, too.

Last week, I somehow forgot to cable and/or cabled when I shouldn't have and had to tink back 4-5 rows to find and fix the mistake. That actually took more time than knitting would have, which was rather annoying. But ah, well. At least it is correct now.

Other than that, working for the first time this weekend - stage crew for the Vagina Monologues. I love the show, but not sure how being present for 3 performances is going to pan out. At the very least, I'll be paid.

Other than that, feeling rather ... off. Somewhat feel like I'm forgetting to do something or am behind or something. Things with friends are weird, things in general feel weird. Not bad, just .. different. And I'm not sure I like it.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

YAY for 56 hours of weekend

This weekend was very good for knitting. I finished class at 11am on Friday and realized that I was unlikely to see anyone (other than roommates, and they don't count) for another 6 or 7 hours.

So, I finished two books for classes, sent off a few e-mails, and devoted the rest of the day to knitting.

First and formost, I am officially halfway finished with my sister's scarf:

14" straight needle included for scale: all told, that's about three feet of scarf.

That's the first skein of yarn into scarf. I left the other skein at home, without realizing it, so her scarf is going to have to wait til March or whenever she decides that it is cold and she wants a scarf and mails me the other skein. The color in that picture is a bit muted - the colors are actually a little bit brighter.

I've been working on Blaze and am still loving it. I am about halfway done the first repeat. I'm discovering that this pattern is rather hard to pick up and just "read" where you are - I have to jot down what row/round I stopped on. Slightly annoying, but I shall forgive it, as it is so lovely and soft and squishy.

Not sure, however, if that will REALLY fit me. My gauge is a little bit tighter than what the pattern calls for, but I'm knitting the larger size of the two I fall between, so I'm hoping it will work out nicely. And also, the needle fits around my waist and the pattern is stretchy, given that it is a rib. IT SHALL FIT.

After a two hour break for dinner, I returned home and joined Urmila and Ryan for some 3+ hours of Battlestar Galactica. TheBoy showed up to watch the first episode after the miniseries that sets up the whole series. And in that time, I managed a large chunk of this:

I know, I know. I haven't been blogging about this sock. I got to right before the dark strip before the heel (From the toe) around Thanksgiving and hadn't touched it since. In fact, I left that sock at school over break, so I've knit over half a sock in less than a week, as I cast-off last night. I might un-do the EZ sewen cast-off, knit a bit more ribbing, and try a different cast-off. I don't know how I feel about toe up socks. I suck at the various methods for casting-on for a toe up sock and would MUCH rather graft a toe shut than try to find an attractive cast-off that is stretchy enough to work for a sock.

A close-up of the kitty paw-prints that I randomly threw into the mix just for fun:

I am not sure how much I like them, but they are staying. I suppose I like them enough, as I know the second sock will also have paw prints. However, due to the nature of the paw print, I am trying to decide if I should knit the other sock top-down and compare the two or not. Hrm... I shall have to think on that one.

For now, though, I have season 6 of The West Wing and am slightly ahead for classes this week, minus the 2-3 page paper due on Wednesday that I haven't overly considered yet. But we'll ignore that, allowing me to spend the rest of the evening knitting on Blaze

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Catch Up

$458 and 30 books later, I need a larger bookshelf. 30 books for a 15 week semester means about two books per week. That'd be do-able, but ... at least half of the books are over two hundred pages and two of them are 800+ page books. This is gonna be a fun semester! Some of the books actually look really good, like Special Topics in Calamity Physics (which, don't worry, is just a novel) and Toni Morrison's Paradise. I'm also looking forward to Beware of God: Stories and The Plot Against America. I think part of the reason I'm so excited is that I get to read some contemporary texts this semester. YAY!

I dragged the Branching Out scarf back out and have tacked on another 3 or 4 repeats. The pattern has either gotten easier or I'm a better knitter, since the pattern is easier than I remember. I'm no longer getting lost if I put it down mid-row (I know, I know. But when the phone rings and you only have til a certain point in the song your phone is playing, you do things like put down your knitting mid-row). I'm hoping to finish the thing by the end of February at the latest. And then! I get to discover the Magic that is blocking lace.

Here's the current status of the Bayerische socks:

The color is actually pretty close in that picture. And I am still loving the pattern, just working on a few other projects in my attempt to finish projects that have been on the needles in a while.

Blaze, as a result, has been left like this:

Soft! Fuzzy! Yummy! As soon as I see Julie, I'll have size 6 circs to start the body and to enjoy this pattern even more.

And this is my sister's scarf, in a lovely mess of colors that she, thankfully, loves. Basketweave pattern, of knit 3, purl 3 across for four rows. She's happy with it and it really is going quickly. It is just kinda boring and I don't really like the larger size yarn and needles.
And I've turned the heel in my first toe-up sock, so I just have the cuff to go. I'm thinking it will be a 6" cuff, so those will be for a while. Pictures when I get around to it.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Finished Object: Ryan's Chullo!

The Specs:
Pattern: Cross-Country, by Anne Featonby (from Knitty)
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease, worsted weight, two skeins
Colors: One skein Blue Heather, one skein Pastel Yellow
Needles: size 2 dpns, size 2 circs, and Addis Turbos that are labled size 2 but aren't actually a US size 2
Start to Finish: Started on 10/30/06, finished on 01/10/07
For: My roommate, Ryan

Notes: This was my first attempt at a hat and two-stranded, color knitting. The top turned out a bit wonky, I think because my gauge was a little too tight for the yarn. However, the Addis really helped loosen up the fabric, making it drap a lot more. Ryan loves it, I'm pleased, and I definitely learned a thing or two from this one.

For one, I like dpns better than circulars, and knitting in the round better than knitting flat. For two, I like knitting for other people. For three, that I can create my own patterns! See:

And here's a shot of the awesome tassel:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Picture Post!

My father has currently stolen my camera, so you'll have to make do with some old shots:

We were on our way back from Ikea (LOVE IKEA) and I had my camera since we'd spent a large part of the day at the Brandywine River Museum (which is really an art museum.. I know. It makes no sense.) and I discovered that if you leave the shutter open for a bit and swirl the camera, the available lights also swirl. See?

New Year's Eve. My father discovered that why, yes, he is getting old, when 10 minutes of the following tired him out and made him wonder if he'd have a heart attack. Oddly enough, EVERYONE was playing with balloons in some fashion or another that evening. 
Do you have any idea how hard it is to capture an action shot
when there is no where near enough light and the flash won't
reach that far and also, you don't want them to know you're
taking pictures? You get fuzzy pictures. But that's ok, we'll
just say we're trying to protect the innocent (heh) this way.

You're not allowed to take pictures in the majority of the Brandywine River Museum. However, there were no signs telling me that, so I took pictures. And when I was told otherwise, they didn't make me delete my pictures. So we have this lovely lady, who I think was once a member of the Du pont family. She makes me giggle and I'm not really sure why.

The Christmas Bush. While you can't see top or bottom, there was no way to get far enough from the tree and get top, bottom, and sides in the picture. The thing was that wide. However, it had character and also, sparkly lights and piles of gifts underneath. Didn't have a very strong scent, however, and that is totally the reason to have a real tree.

In other news, I finished the 8 rounds of p4, k2 ribbing on size 5 needles for Blaze and now need to get my mitts on a pair of size 6 circs, either 24" or 29". I'm thinking 24". We'll see what I have at school - I may already have a pair. YAY!

And I dyed the sock yarn from KnitPicks this afternoon. I didn't wear gloves cause I'm a rebel that way and now my fingertips are rather pinkish. It makes me laugh. The yarn is currently drying in the bathtub and I keep looking at it and going oooooo... ah...... I'm quite pleased with the colors - pink lemonade, tropical punch, and cherry, so it is various shades of reds and pinks and a little bit of the natural white. I'm fairly certain that I didn't dye it exactly as one is supposed to, but the yarn didn't bleed at all when I checked if after microwaving it. So, it seems to be ok. And I'm fairly certain that it'd be hard to felt superwash merino, so I think I'm ok.

And now, it is off to the barn to help out one last day, give Lexi back her copy of Grey's, and see if Lex and Lex want any of my old dresses. Yay?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


So, um, this regular-posting concept?  Doesn't seem to have sunken in very far.

I haven't been knitting very much, in part because I'm not watching TV at home and in part because I don't have a lot of free time.

I have, however, mostly finished Ryan's hat.  I need to make the tassel for the top and snip off three already-woven in ends that I wove in before I found the scissors.  (Actually, I have yet to find the scissors, so we'll see when that happens.)  It is in the process of drying right now - I blocked it tonight and am shaping it on a stuffed Eeyore I have at home.

I'm also on row 4 (or 12, depending on the chart) of the Bayerische socks, which I am LOVING.  My sister is lucky that I dislike the color of the yarn or I just might steal the finished socks from her.  Maybe they won't fit and I can have them?  They are rather stretchy, though.  I keep messing up parts and having to rip and re-knit.  I've been just ripping a few stitches to the side of the mistake and knitting back up in that section, since I think I might curl up and cry if I had to reknit large sections.  (The whole sock, just small sections at a time, seems to be acceptable though.  It is normal to play mental games with oneself, right?)

I've been cranking out my sister's scarf as well - I think I have about a foot done now.  With the bulky yarn, I imagine that the whole thing shall go fast, if I were to actually sit and knit the thing.

And I finaly cast on for the Blaze sweater.  I only have the correct size needle to do the ribbing at the bottom though, so the major part of that might have to wait til I get back to school and can borrow needles from Julie.  Or I'll just break down and buy a pair.  I am loving the fabric made from the KnitPicks alpaca.  Softy and squishy!

I've also spent some $350+ on my car, what with new brakes, an oil change, and a new headlight bulb.  I think I need to replace a few other things, but I plan on waiting til the next oil change.  (Which will be soon, given that I've already put some 500+ miles on since I got home.  And need to drive back to school.  And may be driving back here for a doctor's visit after classes start.)

I think I might get around to dyeing the sock yarn tomorrow.  We'll see if I manage to drag myself out to the barn tomorrow or not.

And Blogger seems to hate pictures, so I'll continue to promise them and not deliver.  (At least you know what to expect from me!)