Sunday, February 25, 2007

Procrastination, how I love thee

I'm currently at the top of page 4 of a 5 page paper. So I need to come up with another 1.5 pages or so. Clearly it is time for a blog posting.

I spent very little time knitting this weekend, as I'm working next weekend and needed to get ahead to be able to finish everything on time. However, two three-hour-long classes really adds to the knitting time. Reading Milton's Paradise Lost also really helps.

I've been knitting Bayerische during Hist 409Y:

Six inch DPN included for scale

A close up of the pattern:

the actual color is somewhere between the two. For some reason,
this color is very hard to capture with my camera in artificial light.

And Blaze during Eng 497C and watching movies for Fr 497B:

That's actually the third attempt at Blaze. I didn't like how the pattern incorporated the increased stitches - purled until all were added, then a new zig-zag just started up - so I started those stitches in pattern a little early. Given that this will be the bottom of the sleeve, I don't think it will make much of a difference, but I like it. I'm really hoping the sleeves won't take too long, but I'm not holding my breath.

And when I remember, I've been working on the second PawPrint sock while reading Milton at my desk. So far, not too bad. I've finished the toe and have just started the majority of the foot portion, pattern included.

Other than the fact that I could be found at 10pm both Friday and Saturday still doing homework, the weekend was good. I managed to get a decent amount of work done, minus this paper that I have no desire to actually work on, minus the fact that I could then go to bed.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Finished Object: Meagan's Scarf!

The Specs:
Pattern: Basketweave pattern. 15 stitches across, switching between knit and purl every 3 stitches and four rows.
Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy, Thick & Quick, two skeins
Colors: #214, Berkshires, lot 60519
Needles: size 15 Boye straights, 14" long
Start to Finish: Started over Christmas Break, finished on 2/21/07
For: My sister, Meagan

(sorry, forgot to rotate that and am too lazy to fix it)

Notes: I hate the yarn. I hate the color. And I hate the needles. That said, this was a fairly quick knit. In less than a month, I had managed to knit the first half of the scarf and then had to put it down while waiting for the other skein to show up. I think I started it again last Wednesday, the snow day, and I finished tonight. Meagan loves the color and the pattern, so I'd call this a successful project. I think it is a little over five feet long, which is perfect as my sister is a little over five feet tall.

I was too lazy to find my needle and also figured that the yarn, as bulky as it it, wouldn't fit in the eye of the needle. So I used a paper clip. Oddly enough, this worked super well. I will have to keep this idea in mind for the future.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Brought to you by the letter Z

THON was this weekend - over $5.2 million raised for kids with cancer. A couple of us stopped by Saturday night/Sunday morning to see Urmila and populate the stands at 1:30-3:00am. I would have left earlier, but I wanted to see a line dance and they just weren't producing. I think I'll forgive them though.

Other than that, I've started a sleeve for Blaze:

Not really liking the DPNs as they seem really short at only 5" long. And also, this yarn is fuzzy. The wood is smooth, but the yarn still sticks. The cable pattern also makes it a bit difficult, since you have to divide up stitches weirdly to keep from having to cross stitches over two needles. But, dude! Sleeves! That means I'm close. And also, this is going so much faster with only 72 stitches, NOT 210. It is kinda like a sock, since socks suddenly feel like they are FLYING.

And have been knitting away on my sister's scarf:

The thing is about 5 feet long now. She's about 5'2" so I think I might just keep knitting until I run out of yarn or have a total of 58 or 60 pattern repeats. However, that shouldn't take too much longer. The scarf has become my TV knitting, which means that I might finish it tomorrow, what with Gilmore girls and House, M.D.

Other than that, just homework and snow. I had class last Wednesday, when everyone else had a snow day. True, I only had 1.5 hours worth of a 3 hour class on a day I normally spend 5 hours in class. But that's totally not the point.

Saw Five Women Wearing the Same Dress this weekend and loved it. Three of the actors were in the troupe last year for Theatre 100 and it was nice to see them again, in roles that they seemed to really enjoy. The playwright also wrote Six Feet Under and American Beauty, so you know it should be good.

Finals schedule was posted - I have 5 finals scheduled. I'm pretty sure that I only have to show up and take 2 of them, the others will all be papers and/or take home exams. I'm trying to decide if I'd rather have exams or papers. Ask me again at the end of the semester. I'll be here at least til Friday, though, as I'm only done at 8:40PM on Thursday. I think I'm going to watch TheBoy graduate as well, so odds are that I'll stick around til Sunday or later as well.

I've been on a major actually-COOKING-food kick lately. I had broiled salmon with garlic and potatoes sauteed in Italian salad dressing the other night; Sausage sauteed with pepper, cucumber, celery, and garlic with cheesy rice as a side tonight. Stromboli, garlic lemon butter chicken stir-fry, and potato boats are planned for the week.

As I've spent the entire day trying to NOT pass out and failing pretty badly, I think I'm going to go curl up in bed with a book for class and see how long I last. Since I actually want to go to bed early, I bet I'll last a while. Body, I hate you some days.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Signs of life

I'm alive. No, really. And now it looks like I might even be alive for a while longer.

I'm still coughing and hacking up nasty stuff, but much less often than before. And the sore throat has retreated enough that I'm off enough drugs to be able to go out for a friend's 21st birthday and not die if I forget and have a drink.

That being said, being sick has been good for the knitting. See?
I suppose knitting in class also helps... I need to finish a repeat and a half of the pattern, then start the sleeves. I'm not in a hurry, because I can't seem to find a set of US 6 DPNs. A friend has a set of 5s that I can borrow for the cuffs and might have a set of 6s. I don't want to tie up her DPNs for the length of time I'd be knitting two sleeves, so I attempted to purchase a set for myself. Wal-Mart and Michael's were both a bust. I could drive to the LYS, but they don't have cheap needles and I'm a broke college student. However, I am in a hurry cause I want to wear the thing while it is still winter.

I also finally got around to starting the other paw-print sock:
I wasn't quite able to perfectly match up the color repeats, but all in all, it is looking pretty good. And it only took me 4 tries to manage Judy's Magic Cast-On, rather than the 6 for the first sock. I do think, however, that these will be my last pair of toe-up socks. I hate attempting to START the sock and I hate FINISHING the sock. So I put those off and that tends to mean that I don't have socks. And that's just not the whole point.

And while watching a movie last night (Serenity, the movie based off of FireFly), I managed 5 rounds of Bayerische socks.
They aren't looking as clean and crisp as Eunny's but that's ok. Blocking shall solve the problem!

Wishful thinking, much?

Thursday, February 1, 2007

It's the fever talking

Well, I'm alive.  I still have yet to decide how I feel about that, but I am alive.

For some odd reason, I no longer get a stuffy nose or a runny nose when I get a cold.  Rather, I get post-nasal drip, a nasty sore throat, and pressure in my ears.  The sore throat gets worse when the coughing sets in, but then it tends to only be a few more days before I can swallow again.  There's no more tea left in the apartment, so I've been drinking hot water.  Yeah, I know.

To top it all off, I have to read a two page paper outloud in class tomorrow.  I can't stand the professor, so I would rather NOT have to explain in the beginning of class that I can't talk.  Also, the guy is going deaf, which does not help matters.

I've been knitting in one class - it is three hours long and discussion based, so he shouldn't be able to yell at me for it.  Or maybe he doesn't notice.  Who cares?

I tried Blaze on the other day, it DOES fit.  YAY!  I think I have about 6" done, only another foot or so to go.  I ought to measure the length of some of my favorite sweaters and figure out how long I want this one to be.

Ok, I can't seem to maintain brain function often enough to write a real post.  And Blogger hates pictures this evening, so no pictures for you.  Maybe, however, there will be pictures after the weekend, when I sit down and take pictures of everything that has changed since the last time I took pictures.