Saturday, March 29, 2008

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Random Saturday Update Only Because I Am On Campus And Attempting Homework But One Cannot Do Homework That Requires Both Paper And A Computer In This Building Because The Computer Logs You Out After 30 Seconds Of Inactivity And Thus, You Cannot Write Anything Down Without Then Having To Log In Again Posted A Day Later Because The Computer Hated Me:

-Eagle's Flight socks: they will not be the exact same size. I no longer care, as dude, they are socks. You wear them on your feet. They stretch out over the day and smell by the time they join the laundry pile. So long as both fit and seem to be intended for the same general size of foot, I shall be happy. Besides, I think my right foot is a little bit larger than the left, and thus, I can argue that really, I just knit socks to reflect that.

-Dandia on Fire: these people are crazy and I will be forced to eat pizza (or not eat at all) twice in one day, while standing in the back of the auditorium, flipping a clipboard (minus the clip) up and down to block a projecter during an Indian Dance competition. Also, Harry Potter? IS NOT PART OF A TRADITIONAL DANCE FROM FROM A STATE IN INDIA. Neither is Michael Jackson's Thiller or The Pink Pathner.

-Macs: I have apparently forgotten how to use a Windows system. While having trouble with DVDs not reading in the DVD player, we hooked up a windows laptop and lo, I was lost. I find that kind of sad and also, very frightening. Do people normally lose brain cells that quickly?

-Grad school: I applied for, and was accepted, the seeminly awesome apartment in Champaign. They are mailing a lease to me so I can sign away all of my savings, to be spent in only one year! However, I am excited and happy that I got the apartment. I think signing the lease will make things seem that MUCH MORE REAL and dude, I am also freaking out about this whole thing because I am suddenly VERY MUCH AWARE that Illinois? Is not, in any way, shape, or formed, what one might be able to consider "close" to West Chester.

-Paying for Grad School: I applied for a bunch of assistantships that were listed on the website for Illinois on Thursday. By Friday, I had already receieved an e-mail asking when I would be available for an interview. Either I look really really impressive on my resume, I wrote kick-ass cover letter in about 5 minutes, or they just want to fill the position. All of those seem to be good things for me, but now I'm freaking out about the phone interview. 45 minutes? On the phone? Answering questions while mentally telepathing "HIRE ME. YOU WANT TO HIRE ME. IF YOU HIRE ME, YOU WILL BE HAPPY." Seriously, an assistantship will be the difference between loans and no loans. I have, in various bank accounts, enough money to have about $500 a month for the two years it should take to get my masters. That's all well and good, but rent and utilites will be a bit over $700 a month. Not to mention food, the cat, or oh, I don't know, paying to tuition. Or the car. Or anything else.

An assistantship would mean that I'd only have to pay the difference between in and out of state tuition - about four thousand, if I take 12 credits or more. Plus, I'd get about an extra $600 a month - enough to cover the rest of rent, to eat, buy cat food so the cat(s) doesn't(don't) eat me, and take care of the car. Of course, I could also get a regular old job, but an assistantship would also allow me to get exprience and everyone keeps telling me that experience = good when applying for jobs.

-Sunday: is going to suck. I have to lead class discussion for three hours on Monday, which means I have to actually read the assignments for this week. And meet with a classmate to put together questions. And write a 2-3 page response paper. And all of the assignments for another class that I have ignored all semester because, really, why do them before they were due.

They're due Tuesday.

Gack, time to run back to work and continue working on my natural pallor from spending all free time on weekends in a dark theatre.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It is a really good thing I like these socks..

So, I managed to knit an entire Eagle's Flight sock in less than a week.

While nearing the toe, I started to get really nervous, as there wasn't a lot of yarn left.  I do have faith in knitters and the Internets, but I wanted to finally FINISH these socks so I could wear them.

Knitting in the dark, on a bus headed back to State College from New York City, I finished the second sock.  And lo, I was happy, for there was just enough yarn to finish and weave in ends.  See?

And then I looked closer.  A lot closer.  And realized that these two socks must not have been knitting on the same size needles, for though they had the exact same number of pattern repeats and rounds in the toe and the heel.. they were not the same size.  So, of course, I ripped and restarted.

And got about this far when I realized that I must not have used US 1 needles either, because there was no way that sock was going to fit my medium/large feet.

So, in conclusion:
- I had just enough yarn.
-I did not use US 1 needles for the first sock.
-Which means that I used US 2 needles, for those are the only DPNs I have for socks - US 1 or 2.
-Which means that my pink plastic needles that I thought were US 2s are not US 2s, or rather, because they are so slippery, my gauge is not quite the same.
-Which means that I no longer have a set of bamboo US 2 DPNs.
-Which means I am re-knitting the second sock - for third time (though, the 6th time I have cast on and started the second sock) - on US 1.5s that I am borrowing from a friend.

Also?  Blogger hates me, as I had to upload the pictures for this post four times.

Apparently, these socks require mulitple attempts.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Decision Time, Baby

Blargh.  I hate making decisions about big stuff.  Little things?  No problem.  What should I wear today?  Well, that's easy - the same basic thing I wore yesterday: jeans, t-shirt or tank top, hoodie.  Occasionally I'll really change things up and throw on a nice hooded cardigan sweater, but not too often.

Grad school, however, is a Big Decision.  An adult decision, actually.  I will have to move to go to grad school.  And since three of the four schools are NOT located close to home and I've kinda already decided against the school located close to home, it seems that I have decided to move myself and my stuff some 11-12 hours from home.

Illinois or Indiana?  I think Illinois.  Hell, I've been seriously inquiring about an apartment in Illinois.  On paper, the place looks great.  One bedroom, hard wood floors.  New stainless steel appliances.  A dishwasher.  Pet friendly, free parking, located close to not only campus, but downtown as well.  On the bus route and students get free passage on the city buses with their student id card.  Furnished options, so that I don't have to attempt to move furnishings and/or purchase them once I arrive in Illinois.

However, I received pictures of the unit(s) today from the landlord.  And uh, all those awesome things above?  Minus the location, the number of bedrooms, and the fact that the floors are wood, all of the above is a giant lie.  The apartments are, to put it bluntly, complete and total dumps.

It seems that they took control of the building in the last three months or so and are planning massive upgrades to the units in July.  Well, July is only one month before August, which means that they have slightly less than two months to paint, refinish hardwood floors, install new white cabinets with dark (maybe even granite) countertops, plus a dishwasher, a microwave hood, a gas stove, and a fridge with ice maker.  Plus completely re-doing the bathroom with a new toliet, sink, tile, and bathtub/shower.    That's a lot of work and not a lot of time.  What happens if they don't get it done in time?  Do I have to live in a construction zone for a few months?  Cause that would NOT BE COOL.

However, if they DO manage to pull it all off, I will have a really nice apartment that includes free parking and allows me to take my cat with me and get a kitten while out there so Kit has company (and someone else to hate).  If I want to spend $625 a month in rent plus $125 in utilities - gas, water, and electric, I could have an eat in kitchen and a 20x20' porch as part of a second floor apartment.  Not to mention the cost of tv and internet.

I dunno, it is a lot of money.  Of course, finding an apartment that has a washer and dryer located on site, if not in my apartment, plus a dishwasher plus free parking plus pet friendly... that hasn't been easy.

I stumbled across this place on Craig's List.  And I fell in love with the pictures and what the apartment included.  However, the apartment doesn't yet include all that stuff, but they promise that it will.

A lease is binding.  At best, I could hope to sublet and eat the difference if I really really needed to get out of the whole thing.

I dunno.  I know what I want, but I am not sure if it is a good idea to sign a lease on an apartment without ever actually SEEING the apartment.  But... waiting til May?  That's a long time to wait and I KNOW that the apartment will not be available then.

And I doubt that they'd let me out of the whole thing if I visited and didn't like it.

If only they actually answered the phone, rather than replying  (quickly) to e-mail.  That would make me feel a little better.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eagle's Flight Socks

Last time we checked in on the Eagle's Flight socks, I had finished the first sock, knit past the heel of the second sock and then... I lost the second sock.  Sock, needles, yarn, and all.
After trolling Raverly, I sent a message to a nice person who had used Opal's 4-Ply Uni Solid in color 1263.  She was so very kind to mail me her remaining yarn, with which I have started the third sock.  I am fairly certain that I will have enough yarn to finish this sock, and I am thrilled to be knitting these again.

Of course, I also have no idea what size needles I was using before, so I had to guess.  I also attempted to cast on in a moving car in the dark.  Actually, the casting-on part was the easy part.  The hard part was the second patter row, working into yarn overs located right before and after a purl section.  That I attempted while sitting at a bar, drinking a very yummy margarita.  I think the fifth time was the charm.

I am currently kicking myself for not blogging these socks more.  Just think of the trouble I could have saved if I had noted the size needles!  Or you know, never have lost the sock at all.

But at this point, that seems like wishful thinking.

And because I uploaded them for perhaps no reason, please accept the following photographs:
The loveseat that my father took off the hands of a friend after said friend's mother died.  We have two other loveseats in the house.  He also accepted a matching couch.  I am trying to convince him to buy a slipcover.

My current favorite new member of the household.  Meet Scooba.  He happily does kitchen floors so I don't have to.  Well, minus the whole ripping out old floor, replacing with new titles two days before Christmas bit.  Even after all that, I still love him.

Oh, right. The blog

Um, hi.  It has been a while.  Mainly because I have been too lazy to drag my camera out and take pictures and really, who wants to read a picture-less post?

I'll try to make this quick, as there's a lot to catch up on.

Things that Have Happened Since I Last Remembered That I Have A Blog:

-Spring break.  It was a week.  It was short.  I got food poisoning - not recommended.  I was busy.  I don't understand how I can be trying to pack so much stuff into one week when I often find myself bored and lonely on a Saturday night simply because I FORGOT THAT IT WAS SATURDAY and therefore, other people would be around and able to do something.  Having Wednesday as your Friday is not always a good thing.

Um, yes.  Spring Break.  There was sleep, there was spending time with TheBoy.  There was TheBoy's birthday and lots of yummy sushi.  Mm... sushi.  And there was lots of time spent at the barn.  I realized just how excited I am to be going back to work at the barn for the summer.  I love the people, I love the environment, I love the access to a swimming pool.  Getting paid is also a really nice concept.

I also spent all of Spring Break bemoaning the fact that since I was home, I was not at school to check the mail AND WHAT IF ILLINOIS RESPONDED?

Um, they did.  I got in.  I still haven't quite processed that yet.  Or the fact that I applied to four grad schools - without taking the GREs - and got into four grad schools.  Even though two of the four never received my transcript.  My letter of recommendation writers ROCK.  I should knit them socks.

Ok, the whole bullet (and quick) idea has gone to the wayside.  You'll get to read whatever I remember to write as I type.  Lucky, lucky you.

Yesterday, on Craig's List, I found a listing for a couple of AMAZING looking apartments.  Three buildings managed by one real estate company, with multiple units in each building.  New(ish) stainless steel appliances.  A dishwasher.  Laundry facilities located in the building.  Parking included.  They will accept up to two pets per apartment.  Hardwood floors.  The pictures look really nice.  Furnished.

Of course, I am waiting for a catch.  I might have already found it, for I tried calling the number listed on the website and NO ONE ANSWERED.  I called about once an hour for 4 hours or so, and never did I hear a live person.  I don't think that requiring a person to leave a message to get back to you is the best method to actually get people to rent your apartments.  It just seems weird to me.  So, great apartment that I really really really really like the look of, and I can't get ahold of anyone.  Also, not sure if it would matter because I am in Pennsylvania.  The apartment is in Illinois.  That's not quite a weekend trip and I don't want to sign a lease without seeing the place.  I doubt they'd hold it for me.  So, I don't know. 

So, to sum up the squee factor for this post:
-Accepted into Illinois
-Accepted into Wisconsin
-Accepted into Phi Beta Kappa, the honors society
-Got to see TheBoy
-Ate Sushi
-Am going to NYC on Saturday to eat sushi, go to Dylan's, Serendipity, and a museum that has yet to be decided
-there was something else, but I can't remember.