Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A few squee-worthy announcements:

I was accepted into the University of Maryland's MLS program.

I was accepted into Indiana University's MLS program.

I bought an iMac and it arrived this morning.  BEST reason to get out of bed EVER.  Also, I now love my FedEx man.  (When I orderd my iPod last year, neither I or my roommates were ever home when they tried to deliever it.  I had to sign for the package, which is fine, but I was not willing to presign for it and have them leave it on the floor outside of my door - anyone could have walked off with it.  To make a short story not as long as I could (ok, that sounded better in my head.), FedEx ended up giving my cell phone number to the driver, who called me and gave me a 20 minutes head's-up so I could skip out of class early.  Same guy delievered the iMac this morning, and thus, I love him.)

Oh, and details for those who like to know such things:
24" display, 2.8 GHz processor, 500gig hard drive, 2gig memory, nice graphics card.. the works.

It is pretty and shiny and I love it.  Best of all?  I shall not need Vista! Really, my hatred for Visita is irrational and at least partially unfounded, but it remains as is.  I refuse to change for those who have come to accept Vista as the latest OS for their computer.  Me?  I just bought a computer that is at least a few hundred dollars more expensive then a comparative system running on Windows.  Cause that makes sense in my mind.


Also, I finished a sock that I was knitting for a friend.  Because I loved the colors of the yarn so, I took the leftovers and knit a blanket square. 4", starting with one stitch and increasing one stitch every row until I have four inches, then decreasing every row.  Most boring knitting ever, and I loved every second of it.  I'm hoping I get a similar amount of yarn left over from the second sock, so I will have TWO squares.  I know, the excitement is killing me as well.

I ripped and re-started the second Rotating Rib sock.  Still no idea if I'll have enough yarn, and yes, I realise this is a reason to knit toe-up but I hate knitting toe-up and please see above, re: irrational hatred of things I should not (necessarily) hate. But, I did three fewer repeats on the leg this time around and am willing to go back and chop off three repeats from the other sock as needed.  If I don't need the yarn for the socks, maybe I can make another square.

The square making?  It is a sickness.  I know understand Ann and Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting.

No pictures yet, for I have yet to attempt to contect my digital camera to the shiny new computer.  That, and the printer, ought to be connected, but I'm having such fun downloading my Absolutely Must Have Programs, such as AIM (well, actually, Adium) and Opera.  Next, FireFox, for I strongly feel that every computer should have three web browsers.  And now I am just happy that IE is NOT one of my options.  Take that, crappy web browser that is dead and sucks!  (Again, the hatred.  I apologize, but really people? Do you LIKE Internet Explorer or do you just not have a choice or what?  I am confused.)

I just realized that I have a number pad again!  Number pad, I love you.  You make typing addresses and such so much easier.

Oh, back to the squee-worthy stuff:

I seem to have gotten my knitting mojo back.  Apparently, all it took was that square.  I've finished more than two repeats (out of 17 that makes up one half, so really, I've done like, nothing) of Print O The Wave and it is pretty and I love it. (Does anyone else sense a theme here?)    I have, on occasion, knit the same row three times before figuring out that the mistake must be in the pattern row one down, and so tinked all the way to that row to fix the problem, oh, three or four times now, but I am content.

And apparently, I am a process knitter, for I am knitting for the sake of knitting lace that is pretty, not something that I'll ever use.  And that is ok.

Ok, back to moving things from one computer to the other and playing with my new toy.  And eventually, I suppose I ought to go to class and take a quiz.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A List, of Sorts.

I'm currently frustrated with EVERYTHING I am knitting and thus, attempting to decide what else to work on.

Eagle's Flight sock? Oh, right - I LOST IT. I am still attempting to find yarn to knit a mate for the first one. Anyone have Opal 4-Ply Uni Solid in color 1263 just sitting around, waiting to be useful? Let me know.

Rotating Rib: I don't know if I have enough yarn to complete these. Which - wha? The cuffs, they are only 6" long. Sure, it is a rib, and that uses a little more yarn, but really? I got past the heel and then realized that I think I used the wrong sized needle, because something was off with the size. So, I ripped and am starting again, this time with a larger needle. I am also holding out hope that this will magically increase the amount of yarn so I have enough.

Sizzle: The knitting is finished. Now, I just have to seem it. I started the seeming ... and something went wrong. The two sides appear to be different lengths. To which - wha? So I put it in time out.

Print O' The Wave: Oh, yeah. In a fit of "I have nothing to knit, oh no!" I started Eunny's Print O' the Wave in some of this. So far, so good? Maybe? I think I missed up the invisible cast on on the 38th (And final!) try. Not sure if I'll have 80 stitches with to knit the other half. We shall see. Also, this requires reading the chart, and thus, is for tv watching. I'm not sure about class, but I think it might require too much counting. Maybe if I printed the chart WITH the repeated section four times? I dunno, but not so much with that right now either.

So, I leave you with a picture of the snow taken at 4am from my balcony. I have no idea how this actually turned out cause there's not a lot of light at 4am and I was shivering, but oh, do I like it. It was calm and peaceful and you could hear the snow. And then you could hear the old beat up pickup truck attempting to get out of his parking spot and failing miserably, but that's one of the joys of living next to a parking lot, no?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Apparently, the universe has a sense of humor

I'll admit that I'm fairly lucky and rarely get pimples or break out.

So I had to laugh when I finally got a giant red zit right smack on the end of my nose - I'd been waiting for that to happen, since every one seems to have a "giant zit that no can ignore!" story.

And then... while staring at myself in the bathroom mirror, I found my first gray hair.  On the same day I got my first giant zit.

Getting older is so much fun.

Lost: One Sock in Progress

I lost my sock, people. Sock, the rest of the yarn, and a set of bamboo double pointed needles. I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

I know for sure that I had the sock with me in class last Monday. I have a memory of shoving it (gently) into my bookbag at the end of class, but not of zipping up my bookbag. Then, I took my bookbag to work on Tuesday and pulled out two books and the newspaper, but not the sock. I suppose the sock could have fallen out while doing so, but ... I think I would have seen that happen, as my bookbag was hanging on a coat rack at the time.

I didn't realize my sock was missing until Wednesday, when I went to leave for class and checked to make sure that I had something to knit during class. I haven't found it in my shoe box of an apartment, so I'm thinking I lost it.

I went to Lost and Found on Thursday, but explaining what a sock in progress looks like to the clueless girl behind the counter? Was not easy. Tomorrow, I shall return again, with the completed sock and say "It looks like this. Just without a toe. And 5 needles. And a ball of yarn (hopefully) attached."

I looked around at work, no luck. I think they have a separate lost and found, but I'm not sure if anyone would have .. found it. It would have been under the coat rack and that's not a regularly cleaned place.

What does one do with a completed sock, when one has literally LOST THE YARN for the second sock? I think I wrote down the color for the yarn, but not the dye-lot. Also? Am not checking for I do not wish to learn that I did not record the color in any way, shape, or fashion.

I'm thinking I shall have to beg for someone else's remains of said color of yarn. And hope that dye-lots are not too far apart. I think I might weigh the completed sock so I know about how much yarn I would need, plus a bit for casting on and grafting the toes. Think I can do that at the post office and take a picture without getting in trouble?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Um, so, about that blogging thing?

Given the number of times in the last week that I have idly wondered why I felt so ill around 11:30pm only to realize that I had eaten a handful of cereal back around 11:30am and NOTHING SINCE, I'm also not too suprised with the lack of knitting.

Well, the lack of knitting OUTSIDE of class, that is.  Sadly, taking notes does not lend itself well to knitting, nor does class participation.

I'll be back when I can remember to eat more than one meal a day and can get myself back onto a sleep cycle that does not involve falling asleep in the AM and waking in the PM.