Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Midnight Coward*

No, I really have no idea why I'm still awake at this hour, but take comfort in the knowledge that I don't have to work tomorrow.

There's been a radio commercial I've heard a few times that creeps me out.  Ehrlich Pest Control has re-written a few well-known nursery rhymes to better follow the company's goals and purpose.

The first two, involving Little Miss Muffet sitting next to a dead spider and a mouse never running up a clock because the Ehrlich man killed him, are sung by adults.

The last one, Three Blind Mice, is sung by young girls.

Three blind mice, three blind mice,
See how they run, see how they run,
They all ran away from the Erlich-man
Who left them dead in the back of his van
Three blind mice... 

The music fades and the girls begin laughing.  That's the part I find most creepy - the kids aren't laughing from genuine amusement, but because they were told?  asked? to do so.  As a result, the laughter sounds forced, false, really fucking creepy.

I'm waiting for an internet news story to appear about a parent suing Ehrlich because darling Junior was just completely traumatized by the new endings to his favorite nursery rhymes.  Surely it won't be too long, right?  Yet, brief research shows me blog postings dating from 2009 about the commercial.  Has our sue-happy society failed me?

Also, the problem with staying up this late, minus the complete fuckage of my sleep cycle, is that I end up starving and unable to sleep until I nom on something.  Oops.


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