Monday, May 16, 2011



Lately, I've been seaming.  Lots and lots of seaming.  I don't mind seaming - it is fairly mindless work, all things considered, and goes fairly quickly.  Much faster than knitting, at least.  I did finish season 6 of The West Wing, though, so I'm now waiting for the final season to arrive in the mailbox.


Somehow, I managed to sprain/strain my ankle while sitting on a horse.  As a result, I had to take the last week off from running.  I'm afraid to go run tomorrow - afraid of how much I'll have lost in a week, afraid how much effort it will take to re-build this habit, to get back to the point where I don't have to talk myself into heading out, where I'm not counting the seconds until the damned run is over.  It would be much easier to remain at home, curl up on the couch with a cat or two and a book.

Of course, the past week's lack of running seems to have screwed with the sleep cycle I finally had managed to wrestle into some sort of submission.  Since I wasn't heading out in the early evenings, I was falling asleep on the couch, waking up in time to do night check and realize that I wasn't going to get more than 5 hours of sleep before the alarm in the morning.


I have a lot of socks on the needles at the moment.  That makes me happy.  However, I've been reading a lot more lately, and I've never found a good way to read a novel and knit.  Textbooks, sure, as they tend to hold themselves open and have more text per page, requiring fewer pauses to turn the page.


The kitten has not messed with the Once Missing Sock since I spend a few hours untangling it.  I'm tempted to put it in one of the failed hiding spots, to see if I can tempt him.  I'm not quite sure I'm ok with the idea of him growing up and no longer messing with stuff.  After all, I still call him the kitten, even if he did have the nerve to grow up and become a fairly decent-sized monster, though still under 10lbs.


He fell asleep on me the other day, curled up with his head resting on my shoulder as I myself was curled up on the couch.  I glanced down and disrupted his peaceful slumber by bursting into laughter as he was sound asleep with his mouth hanging open.  I'll admit to being happy that he doesn't snore.


I have a black light for various reasons, most of them being cause it is fun to play with from time to time.  I used it the other day after taking a shower and discovered a number of spots on my arms and hands that were glowing bright yellow.  Upon reflection, I realized that those spots were where some doxy had fallen after I attempted to squirt the powder contained in some 50 50mg capsules, mixed with water, down a horse's throat.  Still, that's a bit scary - that those spots would glow hours past a shower.


*Charlotte Martin

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