Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meijer vs Wegmans

I like creme brulee. There's nothing better than an excuse to play with fire in the kitchen, and it tastes awesome.

So it is no surprise that I decided to try some of Meijer's creme brulee ice cream. At the very least, it would be ice cream, even if it did taste nothing like creme brulee.


I was distracted by the realization that "WEGMANS" was written on the container. WTF, mate! Wegmans is an East coast brand which I miss way too much out here in the midwest. They have the best sushi for a grocery store, and great bruschetta and bread and mac'n'cheese. NOM.

Weird. They also both use the same picture of creme brulee with the tiny spoon and violet on the saucer. My google-fu has let me down, as I haven't been able to find anything about a merger, or being owned by the same company. There were a few mentions of supermarkets teaming up to deal with supply train problems, so I suppose that could be it.

Creme brulee AND a taste of Wegmans. NOM.

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