Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Um.  Hi.

I am (finally) back from the dead.  Well, mostly.  I ended up rather sick over spring break, and ended up spending 3-4 days in bed.  Sleeping.  Eventually, I got bored enough of the view of my room to start sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed. 

As a result, spring break was kinda a wash.  I  basically got nothing done, other than a few fun things that I refused to give up, such as a trip into Philly with a certain person, nommy sushi with barn people, and my half/un birthday party.  Totally worth it, I think.  I shall continue to celebrate my half-birthday, as that one evening - still kinda sick, very very tired, and not drinking - was more fun than my last four birthdays combined.  And I didn't even get any presents! (although, Sister made me a PB&J sandwich the next day, which was awesome.)

I knew I was sick when I didn't want to go to the barn.  Or knit.  And fell asleep after every two or three paragraphs, no matter what I was reading.

I am back to knitting, now, though.  I have a completed back, two completed (and matching) fronts, one completed sleeve, and one almost-completed sleeve (only 18 rows to go, and decreases on most of those rows).  Soon, I will have to start sewing things together and then knit the collar.  I think I shall totally not follow the directions for that and just start somewhere.  Oh, and I suppose I ought to get a zipper or something.  Since I really kinda don't wanna do button bands and stuff.  We shall see, I suppose.

My sister ripped a hole in her Bayerische Socks.  Too big to simply repair, too central a spot to just mend and not care how it looks.  Thankfully, it is rather near the toe of cuff-down socks, so I was able to just unravel from the toe and re-knit.  I didn't bother to wash the yarn or anything, and it looks rather funky.  I am a little afraid, as I am ready to kitchner the toe shut again .... and I never ran out of yarn.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?   I will need to check it against it's mate and make sure that I (mostly) did the same things as before.

Schroedie, playing fetch:

(it is hard to hold a camera steady and throw a fuzzy pink mouse.)

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