Sunday, October 9, 2011

You Told A Lie

I've had the itch to write lately, but not a lot of topics that demand expression through this particular outlet.  At lot of it seems to be short bursts of mental activity, well-suited for twitter as a result.  Such as my theory that cats have some sort of homing-device to find full bladders.

Of course, I've not explored the reasons why cats might want to find full bladders, what sort of reasoning(s) they have for happily walking all over the bladders in question.

Which is now reminding me of an article I read on the death of the footnote - the purpose behind such a skill could be observed in a footnote.  After all, the purpose is yet unknown, but the skill has been fairly well established, yes?  Since we're just academically stretching our muscles and making observations, further musing could take place in the form of footnotes, rather than paragraphs of tangential thinking.

In other news,  I'm tired and avoiding bed because I have to do night check first.  My hair is still wet and pulling out the blow drier in order to top off hay and water seems a bit much to me.  Maybe I'll just break out the cover-alls for the first time this fall/winter.  October 9th - not too early, yes?  Given that my winter hat has seen regular use already, I'd almost argue I'm behind schedule.

I've been knitting, but mostly a little bit on this, a little bit on that.  I did finish a pair of socks, but have sleeves and button bands left on a baby sweater, half a sock, etc. etc. etc.

I would not be surprised to find that I have a touch of ADD/ADHD.  I've found that my mind works in such leaps and bounds that even I have trouble keeping up.  I can sit and read for hours still, so I'm not too worried.  But unless there's something good on the radio, I get bored at red lights.  I don't have the attention span for IM anymore - if they don't respond right away, what's the point? and off I go to something else and get irritated when I'm drawn away from that back to the IM conversation only to have it pause for the mere seconds required for someone to type out a reply.

I've recently been reading Les Mis while listening to the musical.  Gotta say, loving all the (plot-moving) parts of the novel that were, by necessity, left out of the musical.  Also, wishing to discuss the novel.  Need to find a read-along or something.

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