Saturday, April 23, 2011

King of Anything


I have been having a lot of fun with a photo app lately. It is making me wonder if there's a pin-hole camera app out there yet.


I've also been trying to run again. Motivation is difficult to come by, after a day at the barn. But I've been borrowing my neighbor's dog and my best friend's husband and between the two, I manage to get out at least twice a week, if not three times. I hate running during a run, but I love it afterwards. My shins continue to hate me afterwards, but I think they'll eventually shut up.


I've been knitting more. It is weird to realize that I keep thinking I need to watch more tv, but that means more knitting time. I left the tv on the other night when I went to do night check and when I came back inside and open the door, I froze for a second at the sound of voices upstairs.


Rumor has it that we're in spring. I'm not convinced, given the number of days I've spent cold. But things are blooming and the world looks pretty again. Plus, it keeps raining rather than snowing, so there's that.

Random thought: how many people actually scrub their ears when they bathe? I remember reading about mothers nagging their children to scrub their ears (and behind their ears) when they took their weekly bath... but I don't know if I have ever actually scrubbed behind my ears.

I'll have to start doing so lest I feel dirty.

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