Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My father has very large feet.  At least, compared to the people for whom I normally knit socks, he has large feet.  Plus, he has trouble bending over to REACH his feet, meaning all of his current socks (none handknit, thankfully) are all stretched out and resemble tube socks.


I feel like I've been knitting socks for him for ever and ever and ever and ever, but it can't have been that long.  Ravelry tells me I started January 6th and I'm on the toe of the first sock.  I texted my mother - there is something so very weird about that statement - to ask the length of dad's feet, in inches.  I have decided not to think about the fact that she had an answer for me in under two minutes.  If nothing else, I knew that dad was nearby to offer up a foot for measurement.


I'm a bit concerned, though, as I am only a quarter of the way through the toe, and ... well, see?


6 grams.  I do have two extra skeins of yarn, if needed, but HWIA also requested socks and he also has large feet (oh, be quite, 12 year old male who lives in my head).  He approved of this yarn and I was kinda hoping to make socks for him with the same yarn.  Because that wouldn't be weird at all.

Also? I don't recommend pulling a sock on for a photo shoot and then suddenly realizing that you didn't put the memory card in the camera.  And then hobbling over to get the card and hobbling back.  At least, not if you love to knit socks on DPNs.

Much better to just get the card in the first place OR remove the sock while retrieving the card.

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