Thursday, January 7, 2010

Somedays, happiness is as simple as a hot shower at the end of a long, but good day. Sore muscles, because they've been used. Falling asleep without difficulty when you lay down because you've done a hard day's work.

Curling up in bed with a good book. (The only thing that is missing is a purring kitteh or four. )

I'm Florid but it is hard to tell at night. There has been frost on the ground in the mornings and I'm wearing just as much clothing here as I normally do at home. But it made it past 50F today, and it is sunny. Plus, the sun sets later in the day.

Right now, I'd say there's a chance of making it throught this winter without my seasonal major blahs. The sun helps. The warm helps. The job helps.

It is good to be me. Even if I am way behind on the Christmas knitting.

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