Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hang Your Holiday Rainbow Lights

Here's to endings.

Here's to you, the person who is always there - you often don't understand, you often don't get it, but that's beside the point.  You get that it matters to me and thus, it matters to you.  You're always there with ice cream when I need you to be.  I hope the new year is full of awesomeness, even though I know you've got a few very tough decisions to make soon.  However, you've got a few really fun decisions to make as well.  (Thank you for not making me wear purple.)

And you, the person who mostly gets it, gets me and the way I think.  While you might not have the life experience to be my sounding board, and I have to tell you when you know if scrambled eggs are done, your advice is almost always spot on.  Thanks for always listening, and for putting aside the fact that you hate hugs.

Thank you for giving a 20 year old such a huge responsibility.  I hope you're proud of me, but I can't imagine that you'd continue to give me that responsibility if you weren't.  You gave me a chance that summer, and that has opened so many doors for me.  Thank you for everything over the years. 

Each and everyone one of you makes me laugh, makes me think, makes me happy to be a knitter.  Someday, I hope to meet all of you, starting with the CHARGE! in the summer.  You are all wonderful, caring, and generous people.  I offer you cake.  (I'd offer penis if I had any, but alas.) (Well, maybe not alas.  I like being female and I don't share my toys very well.)

Thank you for watching crappy TV with me, for watching the cats, for seeing any movie with me, for always being up to do something when I needed to either be not-alone or get out of my apartment.  Let me know if you ever move back to PA.

And to the men in my life:

I miss you.  But I have to be honest and admit that while I really do want to be friends again, I am not surprised it hasn't really worked.  As a friend, you kinda suck at keeping in touch.  Thank you for four good years, though, and for being what I needed for that time.  Thank you for answering the phone when I call.  While we might not make an effort to see each other, I know that I could call you if I needed to, and that means a lot.

I think you are a bit the male version of me.  Your fiancée is a very lucky women, but I think you both know that already.  Somehow, you've always been able to understand me and typically have spot-on advice.  We don't see each other that often, but somehow, you're still there when I really need your shoulder or your advice.  Thanks to your fiancée as well, for sharing you so well.

I'm still not ok with the fact that you're gone.  No one told you that it was time, but you never did want to listen to us.  I miss you, Old Man.  Thank you for being such a stubborn jerk and making me earn everything you gave me.  You taught me way more than just how to ride.  I'm sorry I didn't charge my phone that night, and that you suffered longer than needed while I slept.  I refuse to feel silly for including you in this list, for you certainly had a huge impact on my life.  I promise to get that bracelet made soon.

I really think that you and I have a shot at being good friends.  Thanks for being honest and I'm glad you really DID mean it when we discussed friendship.  You truly are a good man.  I can't wait to see the bachelor pad in all it's de-popcorn-ceilinged glory.  Plus, you still owe me a Super Mario Brothers 3 tournament.

I owe you a lot more than you expect, I think.  You reminded me of a few truths about myself that I had forgotten.  Thank you for entertaining me at work and for the hugs.  Let me know when you end up in Philly, for I know you will at some point.

I miss you, now that you have a social life and aren't around as much.  But I actually got to meet you this year, and for the circumstances surround that, I owe you a lot of ketchup.  Thanks for always being around when I need you, for talking me through things, and for everything ever.

And here's to beginnings that show promise and hope.  Here's to February 1st.

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