Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Tuesday Night

I really have nothing to say, but feel the need/urge to write.

Of course, I'm also feeling the urge to grab a calc text book and to start relearning calc.  Evidently, I feel the need to do a task with a clearly defined goal and method.  

I signed up for LiveMocha, to teach myself Hebrew.  For a while, they didn't actually offer Hebrew 101, which isn't too surprising - the website is free, after all, and Hebrew isn't that common of a language to easily throw together lessons.

I finally logged in to find that they now have Hebrew 101 - for those with little to no experience with Hebrew.  "Great," I thought, "that's me!"

Yeah, no.  The first lesson?  On pronouns?  Has words written out in Hebrew characters.

They never teach you the Hebrew Alphabet.

In other news, I am slowly falling victim to a cold.  Tickle in the back of my throat, wanting soup, slight headache?  Yup, got 'em all.  I'm just glad that the slow addition of symptoms means that I do NOT have a version of the flu.  I have no plan to get the flu and many, many plans to avoid in.  (No, said plans do not include a flu shot.)  I don't work with the public for a reason.

Speaking of needles, I can now sedate a horse with intravenous medication.  And the horse, in theory, is the only one that ends up woozy.

I'm riding in a horse show this weekend.  I refuse to be sick for that.  I am a bit nervous, as the LAST time I rode this horse in public, he bucked me off.  Goals for the weekend: don't die of illness, don't fall off, no refusals or rails in cross-country and stadium.

There is a stink bug on the bed next time.  Kittens are being woken up, sheets are being changed.

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