Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yeah, so I thought no longer being in school would mean that I would have free time?  THAT was a silly thought.

Rather, I have free time now and don't feel guilty for NOT doing homework, so I do fun things like riding, rock climbing, reading books, watching TV, knitting, and hanging out with friends.

However, I miss writing.  And the knitting mojo is back in full-force so I think it is time to dig the blog back out of the grave again.  (ooo, zombie blog!)

Things I am currently doing:

  • working.  I like work, I like most of the people with whom I work.  I like the 9:30am start of my day and the flexibility to up and take off for a weekend.
  • which brings me to: football.  I LOVE football season.  Sure, Penn State's not playing nearly as well as they could (or should), but I got to see them play in Illinois. 
  • which meant that I got to see the vast majority of my friends from Illinois.  They are good people.
  • I'm having a blast at the Holocaust Awareness museum.  Yes, I realize that sounds ... wrong, but I feel very strongly about the cause and enjoy the work.  It is very very reassuring to realize that I have found something I can be happy doing for a long time.  Now, to find a paying position doing such a thing.
  • there is a new boy in the picture.  Thanks to CPaAG, he is known online as Captain Awesomepants or CAP for short.  I rather like him.
  • I purchased an NES.  Ah, childhood.  I need to find a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 and play that.  Like, soon.
  • there is an awesome Belgian beer bar in Philly.  I would like to live there, but I think the commute to work would suck.

Life is good.  I'm finally coming off the high of moving home and having all sorts of good things happen.  Which means I'm also finally back to being grumpy and having bad days, but over all?  Life is DAMN good and I am happy.  Plus, I'm finally sleeping well for the first time in a few years again.  That ALONE is worth it.

I love fall in Pennsylvania.  

Now, to watch Eddie Izzard on DVD while knitting in bed and snuggling with cats.

*The Apples in Stereo

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