Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reasons Why It Needs To Be Spring Already:

It is 12:13am and I just stood outside, in my pjs, for 5 minutes.  Because I could not breathe inside.  BECAUSE OF THE [insert really long and descriptive string of curse-words here, and know that I have said EVERY one of them] DOWNSTAIRS NEIGHBOR.  Who smokes.  In her apartment.  That shares heat registers with mine.  Of course, I'm fairly sure I'd get stuck with the smoke smell even if we DIDN'T share registers, but still.  Be warm and keep all your fingers or toes or regularly wake up, unable to breathe?  Take your pick!

I suppose one could argue that it is not HER fault, but the landlords.  For allowing her to smoke.  (When, by the way, my lease forbids me from smoking, as does the next-door-neighbor's.)  They have acknowledged that it is a problem but ... well, they don't know how to SOLVE the problem.  Here's a thought: just give up and make it a smoking building.  Then you'll have smokers.  Who won't care.  And won't want to call you at 3am when they wake up, unable to breathe cause of the smoke smell.  The thing that really confuses me however, is the fact that my landlord took over the building from someone else.  At which point.. I don't think they were required to honor the previous lease.  And even if they WERE, that was three years ago.  Does this woman have a five year lease or something?  

I wonder - is this the type of information they were required to disclose before I signed the lease?  Or, can I argue with them, if they choose to continue to be their wonderful, asshole selves and not refund my security deposit in full, that they owe ME money for the damage done to my furniture, etc?  But it needs to be spring so that a) the heat is turned off, as that just makes the problem worse and b) I can open windows.

It also needs to be spring so that I can start running, outside.  It was almost warm enough today, but gloves were still required.  

I am tired of being cold and unable to breathe cause it is cold OR being warm and unable to breathe cause of the smoke smell.  Plus, I would like to ENJOY being in the place I will call home for the next six months.

Is it can be spring time?

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