Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Homework Humor

Found in tonight's readings on Books of Hours, as I attempt to put together a thoughtful, pretty, and interesting presentation on ... Books of Hours.

"The preference, for instance, for particular psalms or lessons for Matins mattered little to laymen, but personal devotion to individual saints was an essential part of medieval religious life--such devotion affected daily routine. Medieval society seems to have suffered from inadequate dental and medical care' it compensated for this by a deeply rooted devotion to St. Appolonia (or St. Appoline) because, we may suppose, her dental problems ceased after her teeth were drawn by her tormentors." (DeLaisse, 205)

Well, he IS right - the medieval times were not known for their hygiene or their health care.  Say what you will about the American health care system - and there's a lot to say - it is a huge improvement from the medieval times.

Quote from The Important of Books of Hours for the History of the Medieval Book by L.M.J. DeLaisse, pgs 203-225.  I think it is from a journal or a book, but as I was handed a photocopy by my professor, I can't quite say.  I will correct my citation when/if I find out more.

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