Monday, February 23, 2009

In part, why I love Mondays:

While discussing readers' advisory and how to find books for patrons, I decided that there needs to be a book-version of  Lo and behold, a Google search for "Pandora for books" turned up a site called Booklamp, available at  They aren't completely up and running yet - which is sad, but I can also see the enormous amount of work that will require - but they do give visitors an idea of how the site might work.

A search for similar books to Orwell's classic novel 1984 turned up a number of results.  Most interesting, however, was the top result: the US Patriot Act, written by the US Congress, is a 98% match.

During a class lecture on modern missions of the Library, discussing the self-improvement model of libraries, with mention of Benjamin Franklin's social libraries of the 18th century, a gchat conversation between myself and a classmate:

me: I think Franklin's idea of self-improvement was to get laid, ladies man that he was
classmate who does not yet have a niffty nickname : isn't that the point of all self-improvement?

Ok, a sad point to make: done with class, I took the time to read the FAQs for and 1984 matching the Patriot Act was simply an Easter Egg.  ( - scroll to bottom of page; it is the second to last question.)

However, I still reserve the right to giggle.

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