Saturday, April 12, 2008

Post-Brewery Blogging

Weee, tipsy blogging. Not drunk blogging, as I am still able to stand on one foot and touch my nose with my eyes closed and not fall over. Sober persons attested to this fact and thus, I am only tipsy. Which is sad, but tomorrow is another day. And next weekend is Blue and White Weekend, and not only will TheBoy be here, but a ton of other people will as well. And it shall be fun.

That said, I got a graduate assistantship. I think my references basically completed the interview for me, for I know they called at least one of my references before my interview. And I think they went into the interview planning on hiring me, so long as I didn't totally mess it up. So, I have a graduate assistantship for 20 hours a week in the fall. For those twenty hours a week, they shall pay me about $17 an hour. While I will need to dip into savings to pay tuition the first few semesters, I think I will mostly be able to live off of my salary and that includes paying rent.

Now I have to answer super important questions such as: TIVO or no TIVO? I think it is about $13 a month. I DON'T KNOW. I get the impression that TIVO is one of those things that you can't not have once you have it. Am I willing to make that leap, knowing I will be working for about oh, $30k a year after graduation? Hrm, I shall have to debate this one.

That said, I finished the second sock of a pair of socks of which I have not posted pictures. If it were not 1am, I would take pictures now. So, just know that they were knit out of KnitPicks yarn in the Waffleweave Pattern that I wrote and that lo, they are awesome.

And as a reward, I am attempting to start a sock from New Pathways for Sock Knitters - the riverbed sock. I really dislike toe-up socks, and I am remembering why. I attempted to start the sock at work last night and just massively failed. I could not handle the figure eight cast on, let alone Cat's LLink and LRink increases. I just gave up, used Judy's Magic Cast On, and used an increase that I could manage for the first round. We'll see how it goes from here. And for my self that manages to forget things, yarn is ArtYarn's Ultra Merino, 6ply, with US 1 needles.

And I picked up US 2 needles today, so now I need to decide if I will be knitting the Eagle's Flight socks again. As much as I hate the idea of frogging YET AGAIN, I kinda can't handle the idea of NOT knitting those socks perfectly. So, we'll see. If I can't bring myself to wear them as is, they shall be frogged and re-knit. I have proven to myself that I can knit a sock in about a week and I most certainly do have the pattern memorized by now...

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