Saturday, March 29, 2008

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Random Saturday Update Only Because I Am On Campus And Attempting Homework But One Cannot Do Homework That Requires Both Paper And A Computer In This Building Because The Computer Logs You Out After 30 Seconds Of Inactivity And Thus, You Cannot Write Anything Down Without Then Having To Log In Again Posted A Day Later Because The Computer Hated Me:

-Eagle's Flight socks: they will not be the exact same size. I no longer care, as dude, they are socks. You wear them on your feet. They stretch out over the day and smell by the time they join the laundry pile. So long as both fit and seem to be intended for the same general size of foot, I shall be happy. Besides, I think my right foot is a little bit larger than the left, and thus, I can argue that really, I just knit socks to reflect that.

-Dandia on Fire: these people are crazy and I will be forced to eat pizza (or not eat at all) twice in one day, while standing in the back of the auditorium, flipping a clipboard (minus the clip) up and down to block a projecter during an Indian Dance competition. Also, Harry Potter? IS NOT PART OF A TRADITIONAL DANCE FROM FROM A STATE IN INDIA. Neither is Michael Jackson's Thiller or The Pink Pathner.

-Macs: I have apparently forgotten how to use a Windows system. While having trouble with DVDs not reading in the DVD player, we hooked up a windows laptop and lo, I was lost. I find that kind of sad and also, very frightening. Do people normally lose brain cells that quickly?

-Grad school: I applied for, and was accepted, the seeminly awesome apartment in Champaign. They are mailing a lease to me so I can sign away all of my savings, to be spent in only one year! However, I am excited and happy that I got the apartment. I think signing the lease will make things seem that MUCH MORE REAL and dude, I am also freaking out about this whole thing because I am suddenly VERY MUCH AWARE that Illinois? Is not, in any way, shape, or formed, what one might be able to consider "close" to West Chester.

-Paying for Grad School: I applied for a bunch of assistantships that were listed on the website for Illinois on Thursday. By Friday, I had already receieved an e-mail asking when I would be available for an interview. Either I look really really impressive on my resume, I wrote kick-ass cover letter in about 5 minutes, or they just want to fill the position. All of those seem to be good things for me, but now I'm freaking out about the phone interview. 45 minutes? On the phone? Answering questions while mentally telepathing "HIRE ME. YOU WANT TO HIRE ME. IF YOU HIRE ME, YOU WILL BE HAPPY." Seriously, an assistantship will be the difference between loans and no loans. I have, in various bank accounts, enough money to have about $500 a month for the two years it should take to get my masters. That's all well and good, but rent and utilites will be a bit over $700 a month. Not to mention food, the cat, or oh, I don't know, paying to tuition. Or the car. Or anything else.

An assistantship would mean that I'd only have to pay the difference between in and out of state tuition - about four thousand, if I take 12 credits or more. Plus, I'd get about an extra $600 a month - enough to cover the rest of rent, to eat, buy cat food so the cat(s) doesn't(don't) eat me, and take care of the car. Of course, I could also get a regular old job, but an assistantship would also allow me to get exprience and everyone keeps telling me that experience = good when applying for jobs.

-Sunday: is going to suck. I have to lead class discussion for three hours on Monday, which means I have to actually read the assignments for this week. And meet with a classmate to put together questions. And write a 2-3 page response paper. And all of the assignments for another class that I have ignored all semester because, really, why do them before they were due.

They're due Tuesday.

Gack, time to run back to work and continue working on my natural pallor from spending all free time on weekends in a dark theatre.

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  1. Congrats on the apartment and good luck on the interview. :)