Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh, right. The blog

Um, hi.  It has been a while.  Mainly because I have been too lazy to drag my camera out and take pictures and really, who wants to read a picture-less post?

I'll try to make this quick, as there's a lot to catch up on.

Things that Have Happened Since I Last Remembered That I Have A Blog:

-Spring break.  It was a week.  It was short.  I got food poisoning - not recommended.  I was busy.  I don't understand how I can be trying to pack so much stuff into one week when I often find myself bored and lonely on a Saturday night simply because I FORGOT THAT IT WAS SATURDAY and therefore, other people would be around and able to do something.  Having Wednesday as your Friday is not always a good thing.

Um, yes.  Spring Break.  There was sleep, there was spending time with TheBoy.  There was TheBoy's birthday and lots of yummy sushi.  Mm... sushi.  And there was lots of time spent at the barn.  I realized just how excited I am to be going back to work at the barn for the summer.  I love the people, I love the environment, I love the access to a swimming pool.  Getting paid is also a really nice concept.

I also spent all of Spring Break bemoaning the fact that since I was home, I was not at school to check the mail AND WHAT IF ILLINOIS RESPONDED?

Um, they did.  I got in.  I still haven't quite processed that yet.  Or the fact that I applied to four grad schools - without taking the GREs - and got into four grad schools.  Even though two of the four never received my transcript.  My letter of recommendation writers ROCK.  I should knit them socks.

Ok, the whole bullet (and quick) idea has gone to the wayside.  You'll get to read whatever I remember to write as I type.  Lucky, lucky you.

Yesterday, on Craig's List, I found a listing for a couple of AMAZING looking apartments.  Three buildings managed by one real estate company, with multiple units in each building.  New(ish) stainless steel appliances.  A dishwasher.  Laundry facilities located in the building.  Parking included.  They will accept up to two pets per apartment.  Hardwood floors.  The pictures look really nice.  Furnished.

Of course, I am waiting for a catch.  I might have already found it, for I tried calling the number listed on the website and NO ONE ANSWERED.  I called about once an hour for 4 hours or so, and never did I hear a live person.  I don't think that requiring a person to leave a message to get back to you is the best method to actually get people to rent your apartments.  It just seems weird to me.  So, great apartment that I really really really really like the look of, and I can't get ahold of anyone.  Also, not sure if it would matter because I am in Pennsylvania.  The apartment is in Illinois.  That's not quite a weekend trip and I don't want to sign a lease without seeing the place.  I doubt they'd hold it for me.  So, I don't know. 

So, to sum up the squee factor for this post:
-Accepted into Illinois
-Accepted into Wisconsin
-Accepted into Phi Beta Kappa, the honors society
-Got to see TheBoy
-Ate Sushi
-Am going to NYC on Saturday to eat sushi, go to Dylan's, Serendipity, and a museum that has yet to be decided
-there was something else, but I can't remember.

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