Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It is a really good thing I like these socks..

So, I managed to knit an entire Eagle's Flight sock in less than a week.

While nearing the toe, I started to get really nervous, as there wasn't a lot of yarn left.  I do have faith in knitters and the Internets, but I wanted to finally FINISH these socks so I could wear them.

Knitting in the dark, on a bus headed back to State College from New York City, I finished the second sock.  And lo, I was happy, for there was just enough yarn to finish and weave in ends.  See?

And then I looked closer.  A lot closer.  And realized that these two socks must not have been knitting on the same size needles, for though they had the exact same number of pattern repeats and rounds in the toe and the heel.. they were not the same size.  So, of course, I ripped and restarted.

And got about this far when I realized that I must not have used US 1 needles either, because there was no way that sock was going to fit my medium/large feet.

So, in conclusion:
- I had just enough yarn.
-I did not use US 1 needles for the first sock.
-Which means that I used US 2 needles, for those are the only DPNs I have for socks - US 1 or 2.
-Which means that my pink plastic needles that I thought were US 2s are not US 2s, or rather, because they are so slippery, my gauge is not quite the same.
-Which means that I no longer have a set of bamboo US 2 DPNs.
-Which means I am re-knitting the second sock - for third time (though, the 6th time I have cast on and started the second sock) - on US 1.5s that I am borrowing from a friend.

Also?  Blogger hates me, as I had to upload the pictures for this post four times.

Apparently, these socks require mulitple attempts.

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