Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eagle's Flight Socks

Last time we checked in on the Eagle's Flight socks, I had finished the first sock, knit past the heel of the second sock and then... I lost the second sock.  Sock, needles, yarn, and all.
After trolling Raverly, I sent a message to a nice person who had used Opal's 4-Ply Uni Solid in color 1263.  She was so very kind to mail me her remaining yarn, with which I have started the third sock.  I am fairly certain that I will have enough yarn to finish this sock, and I am thrilled to be knitting these again.

Of course, I also have no idea what size needles I was using before, so I had to guess.  I also attempted to cast on in a moving car in the dark.  Actually, the casting-on part was the easy part.  The hard part was the second patter row, working into yarn overs located right before and after a purl section.  That I attempted while sitting at a bar, drinking a very yummy margarita.  I think the fifth time was the charm.

I am currently kicking myself for not blogging these socks more.  Just think of the trouble I could have saved if I had noted the size needles!  Or you know, never have lost the sock at all.

But at this point, that seems like wishful thinking.

And because I uploaded them for perhaps no reason, please accept the following photographs:
The loveseat that my father took off the hands of a friend after said friend's mother died.  We have two other loveseats in the house.  He also accepted a matching couch.  I am trying to convince him to buy a slipcover.

My current favorite new member of the household.  Meet Scooba.  He happily does kitchen floors so I don't have to.  Well, minus the whole ripping out old floor, replacing with new titles two days before Christmas bit.  Even after all that, I still love him.

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