Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I still haven't taken a picture of the current sock project... you get pictures of a project finished awhile ago.

I started another pair of Monkeys back in the beginning of November and finished by Thanksgiving.  As they're meant to be a Christmas gift (along with Bayerische), I finished them and then.. then they sat.  And looked cute, and very green, but I figured I ought to come up with a way to wrap them up.

I looked for sock wrappers or sock gift tags and found nothing.  (Google, how could you fail me?)  So I ended up opening a Word document (something I'm avoiding because it is the end of the semester and thus, I have papers to write.  The logic, it is perfect) and created my own.


I am brillant at photographing white stuff.

I was all excited cause I even got to pull out my box of crayons and color in the holly leaves and berries.  (Also, I was being Productive and yet, not writing Papers.  How could that be a bad thing!?)

Also, I drew the lines in the holly leaves by hand.  

They are for TheBoy's mother, because she really liked the Monkeys I knit for myself, I really wanted to knit another pair of monkeys, and she gave me a Christmas present last year that I was totally not expecting, and thus, failed to give her something in return.  So I knit a pair of socks, with color suggestions from TheBoy (Green.  Just ... green.) and I'm gonna wrap them and sneak them under the tree and hope I don't see her at all from Christmas til January 14th, when classes start.  (Of course, that's assuming she doesn't figure out that the handknit socks are from the ONE person she knows that knits and that TheBoy doesn't out me.)

(I really like parenthesis.  Can you tell?)

I don't do well with the whole "Oh, you shouldn't have!" response to gift-giving.  Maybe so, but I did, so can you just enjoy the darned things and we can move on and I can not be embarrassed anymore?

And my typical random picture that was pretty and I wanted to include, for no really reason at all:

Sunset at the barn a few weeks ago.

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