Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I got nothing

(written late last night, posted late tonight.)

Much whining, not so much knitting or interesting stuff. Read at your own risk.

Where to start?

I haven't written in a long time, mostly because I wasn't quite sure what to say. Not knitting much - just frantically working on sock pal socks (started the second, and know I can finish before August 7th, so long as I keep up the pace). Not reading much - must knit. Not sleeping much - must knit.

I'm here, til I leave for Europe, and then back here again (well, except for holiday breaks and the like) til after graduation in the spring.

In addition, I've felt sickly since Thursday. You know that feeling that occurs about 4 minutes before you violently lose the contents of your stomach? That comes and goes, along with a headache. Nothing seems to really make me feel better other than sleeping, but per usual when I'm sick, I am either at work or doing something else that requires I remain awake when I most want to sleep and yet, can't fall asleep when I finally collapse into bed at night.

(Man, I really love long sentences.)


  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Hope your feeling better soon, and I hope my sock package to you will be very adored!

    ~Your 'palooza pal

  2. Hope you're feeling better. At least it has been cool. Of course now the humidity is on the rise. Hope you and The Boy can keep things going.