Sunday, June 3, 2007

Finished Object: Monkey Socks

The Specs:
Pattern: Monkey Socks, from Knitty. I didn't modify the pattern at all, which surprised me, as I hate heel flaps.
Yarn: Claudia's Handpainted, fingering weight. 100% Merino wool.

Colors: Ocean Depth, which has some awesome shades of blue, green, and purples. LOVE this color. However, I have not been able to photograph it correctly. Much more vibrant.
Needles: Plastic 5" US size 2 dpns, set of five.
Start to Finish: May 14-29. Very fast for me.
For: Me!

Notes: I am in love with this yarn so very much. I really hope it wears well. I'm kicking my self for not using my favorite heel - short row - since I have yet to figure out a way to knit a heel flap that actually fits my feet. I really like this pattern, but it has caused me to start sketching and swatching for a different sort of pattern, just without the purl stitches. We'll see. I also ended up breaking the point off of one of my dpns - I was poking my father in retaliation of his poking me. The needle is still usable though, you just have to watch which end you use when that's the free needle.
Final verdict: love, love, love.

(ps: I cast off for Branching Out tonight as well. And I have a bunch of other updates, as well. Stay tuned!)


  1. Love that color!! You did a great job. On the topic of poking people with needles....I was supervising some 5th graders at an assembly and threatened one young fellow with a poke and he said, "I'll report you!" Said I, "Who'd believe you?" He behaved well from than on.

  2. Great socks - love the color. Monkey is such a great pattern!

  3. way to go. they look fabulous.
    and your skin tone isn't nearly as pasty as mine.

    p.s. i got your call. thanks for the birthday wishes (heart!). i couldn't really understand the rest of the message though.. if it's not private, you could im it to matt who is online all day.
    ::hug:: miss you.

  4. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Isn't that yarn a dream?

    Totally gorgeous colorway!

    I'm your mate, and I'm still baffled what to knit you! Through me some clues, PLEASE! LOL

  5. Great job they look lovely!

    The color rocks.