Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finished Object: Branching Out

About time I finished this project....

The Specs:
Pattern: Branching Out from No known mods - I think I messed up the first five rows of garter stitch, but that doesn't count.
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 65% wool, 35% silk. 192 yards/50g ball. I think I used all but half a yard or so.
: That's a very good question... I can't find the label, but I think it was sandstone or oatmeal or something of that nature.

Needles: US size 8, 14" metal straights from Boye. By the end - after I knit some many pairs of socks, I found the needles too long to be comfortable. Or make it was the limited width of the project for the needle length.
Start to Finish: Um, started some time back in 2006, I think around the beginning of April. I cast off on 6/3/07, so one year and two months for a very simple lace scarf.
For: Again, a very good question. I HAVE NO IDEA. Any suggestions?
Notes: Lace is fun, chart reading is a lot easier than it was when I first started this project. Now I really want to try my hand at a shawl but I know I would never wear it. Lace is a lot easier than it looks and pointy needles are the best thing in the whole world for lace.

(that little bit of yarn to the side is all that is left over.)


  1. for...



    seriously. it's so pretty! I tried this pattern with an alpaca superfine that had mohair-like fuzzies on it. Damn stuff snarled and tangled like nobody's business, so after the nth time attempting to tink or frog back to fix a mistake, I gave up in disgust. I need a smoother yarn for it, I think.

  2. Very nice - I haven't tried this pattern, but yours is so pretty I think I should!