Thursday, June 28, 2007

Excuses, Excuses.

I work 4-6 hours at either the toy store or at the library, each day. Four days a week, I go to the barn, which is another 3-5 hours. Three days a week, I go to the gym, which tends to be about two hours.

There's also cleaning and reading and research for my thesis and other such fun and exciting things. 

As a result, not much knitting. And not much blogging. I'm sorry, blog!

So I'm gonna do the 6 weird things meme (or less, if I can't think of 6), even though I haven't been tagged, since that will give me blog fodder.

1. I eat M&Ms in twos by colors. Two blue, two green... There must be two of the same color. Unless I have ONE of EVERY color left over at the end, I never finish a bag. I'll give away the "unmatched" pieces, but I can eat one of each color at one time. (I just tend to do so an even number of times.)

2. I make my bed every day. Fluff pillows, arrange blankets just so... I hate the look of an unmade bed. But even more, I LOVE the feeling of climbing into a bed with new sheets, and other than washing my sheets 7 times a week - which would cost WAY too much money - I just make my bed every day.

3. I love apples, apple juice, apple butter. However, I cannot stand apple sauce. I hate mushy apples and that's all I can think of when I try apple sauce. I seem to have a texture-based issue with many foods. Like calamari - I actually like the taste, but not the texture. It is like chewing on rubber bands. Same with mushrooms.

4. I hate odd numbers. Well, 1 is ok. And 9. But I dislike the majority of the others. I'm gonna blame my lousy division skills and say that I hate not knowing if a number is a prime or not. (And yes - I did once try to memorize the list of prime numbers. That didn't work out so very well.) Also, the others just ... sound prettier.

5. I hold my pencil (and pen) funny. Rather than letting the writing utensil rest on my middle finger, I use my middle finger to help steady it on my ring finger. I've got a nice little bump on my ring finger as a result. Holding it the "normal" way always feels weird and my handwriting gets worse.

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