Saturday, May 5, 2007

Random Saturday

Yeah, so I missed random Thursday. We're gonna blame that on spending some .. 3-4 hours at the barn, a two hour Grey's Anataomy special, and Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which is my current book.

  • the first Bayerische sock is completed!
  • the second sock has been cast on. I'm still on the ribbing, but that's ok.
  • I'm past the heel for the second waffleweave sock. Maybe I'll finish this thing by mother's day. Maybe not, given what I have to do between now and then.
  • I have an 8am final on Monday
  • I have a paper due at midnight on Monday
  • I have another paper due at 5pm Monday
  • I have not yet started either paper
  • I have to be at work at 7:30pm on Monday
  • I might be going to a paper chase tomorrow, early like
  • I'm tired, my feet hurt, and I have to be at TheBoy's in an hour to go to a party hosted by his 70 year old proffessor. Apparently, everyone wants to meet me.
  • I ought to try to work on a paper between now and 5pm.

Here's what I did for part of those 3-4 hours on Thursday:

It looks really easy, but that's cause Timmy is awesome.

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