Monday, May 7, 2007

Four Reasons I won't Be Blogging:

Warning: Not for the Squimish.

My schedule for this week:

My left pinkie:

My left middle finger, the first side:

My left middle finger, the second side:

(that's a blood blister. That one doesn't hurt nearly as much as the others, but is just as annoying.)

I rode 6 miles in 1 hour and 21 minutes yesterday. It was supposed to only take us 1 hour and 27 minutes, but we went a little fast. In my case, we went a little fast AND sidewise, which is why all the blisters are on my left hand. Also, the left side of my body is a) sorer and b) sore in more places then the right. Thanks, Timmy, for demonstrating that you are a left-sided horse and for cantering in place, sideways, for that hour and 21 minutes. (Even with all that, I had a blast and would do the same thing this weekend if I had a chance.)


  1. aw, ali!
    good luck getting all your tons of work done. and healing!

  2. Good luck with the schedule and take care of those fingers. At least you enjoyed gettin the holes.