Thursday, April 26, 2007

Random Thursday

  • I actually enjoy handing in papers when I feel like I wrote a solid argument. Also, clever titles make me happy.
  • I have an 8-10 page paper due tomorrow morning at 10:10am. As of right now, I have some notes, a three page rough draft, and need to look through some 400 pages of Paradise Lost to pull out relevant quotes. Of all of that, the quotes are going to be the worst.
  • I only have one day and one week of classes left. This semester just FLEW by without my noticing.
  • Lack of sleep, over a long period of time, can feel an awful lot like a hangover. Personally, I'd rather drink to earn the hangover, but there's no time for that.
  • A Margarita, a huge platter of fries, and a salmon club sandwich is an awesome way to end a rainy Wednesday.
  • I've realized that the end of this semester is slightly easier than last semester, as all the craziness is occurring BEFORE finals week. Can't I just have another semester of 5 exams to take for which I need to actually STUDY? You can't study for an essay exam on Paradise Lost, since there is NO WAY I'd be able to re-read the whole thing.
I tried Blaze on last night, after realizing that I need another half a pattern repeat. Here it is:

You can't see it, but my bra straps are showing! The neckline, what with decreases and being knit in a smaller needle, should pull the top in a bit, to keep it from looking funky. In that shot, I think the needles don't really help too much.

It falls down a little bit as I attempt to take pictures, so I think I COULD get away with knitting the neckline now and calling it done, but I really ought to add that pattern repeat. Bras are required when in public and I want to show this sweater off. Also, I hate the bra strap peeking out from a wide-necked sweater look. And the tanktop under wide-necked sweater look. GAH! I'm so close to finishing, but that makes me want it to be perfect all the more. I've spent some 4 months on this sweater, it better be awesome.


  1. Blaze is beautiful! By all means knit the extra. It will become one of those things that will bother you if you don't.

  2. can you knit straps that you can sew in that would cover the bra straps? then it becomes part of the overall design, and not just an "oops, this sweater is a little slutty"

    otherwise, it is GORGEOUS! do what you have to to make it work!