Monday, March 5, 2007

Welcome to the 60s

Hi blog! Remember me?

No? I'm not surprised.

I worked some 30 hours this weekend. I'm tired, sore, and glad I decided to do it. Hairspray was fun to work. I liked working on props, Michael rocked, the people I worked with are fun and crazy. I had enough time to sit down and get a decent chunk of reading done. And I'm only thinking of the paycheck as extra. If I can pull it off, I'm skipping class to work on Rent. I'm really glad I stumbled across this job. It is keeping me from going broke, giving me something to do next year, and reminding me how much I love theatre and working backstage.

I am also behind in my work. I have three papers due Wednesday - a 2000 word essay on Paradise by Toni Morrison, a 2 page report on Paradise Lost, and a 2-3 page close reading of a passage for my Jewish lit class.

I have yet to start the two-page report. I have, however, managed to read some of the section required. I have two pages of hand-written notes scribbled for the 2000 word essay (which should be about 7-8 pages). And I have a decent draft of the close reading, to be polished up on Wednesday during the four hour break between classes. (And the huge pile of work to be done is SO why I'm here.)

On top of that is a midterm in my Indian history survey class on Thursday.

It is 11:15pm and all I've managed to do is e-mail several professors, figure out exactly what I'm doing (and when) for the rest of the week in an attempt to figure out everything. I have timelines and everything. Yes, I am that OCD.

I really had NOTHING to do for classes tomorrow and yet, I haven't been able to write anything for that 2000 word essay. I've tried starting at with various points and comments scribbled in my notes and nothing is actually working. I'm not sure why not - I have a pretty solid argument that I'm putting forward and plenty of quotations to back me up. I don't know. I want to just give up and go to bed, but then I'm writing WAY too much tomorrow. No way I'd be able to pull together an 8page paper on a class day. 

I'm looking forward to spring break, even knowing the amount of work I'll have to do to stay on top of things. Urmila, Tina, and I are going out for St. Patty's Day, which ought to be fun. I'm visiting Mom, which will make her happy. And I can catch up a bit on sleep. 

The busy weekend meant no knitting, however. I need to finish another 16 round repeat for Bayerische and then I can start the heel. For Blaze, I need to knit another two 16 round repeat and then I should be done the left sleeve and ready to start the right. Something tells me I won't get to wear this sweater much this season.

But for now, back to Word and the mocking cursor that likes to remind me that the point of a word processor is to write and that's something I'm NOT currently doing very well. And then bed, for much-needed sleep.

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  1. aw. ::huggles::
    i hate that feeling - of overwork and overtime. ugh. spring break will be good though (and maybe i'll save you some cookies!).

    good luck with your papers.