Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back in the saddle, of sorts

I've been going to the gym this week. Also, I've been keeping track of what I eat. Rather than actually counting calories, that keeps me from eating because I don't feel like writing everything done. (For example, I'm NOT going to write down the piece of sugarfree gum I had this afternoon, that had less than 3 calories. I'm also avoiding the plate of brownies in the kitchen because then I have to write that down.)

It all started on Monday, when I was told that I could have an ice cream sundae for dinner as I'd been healthy all day. I was curious, so I wrote it all down and looked stuff up and did the math - just over 2,000 calories. Clearly, I need to eat more.

There's something about spring that always makes me want to be outside, DOING something. I'm not content to just sit in the sun and sunbath. I must have a book in hand. Or, better yet, frisbee or football or soccer.

Riding helps. The fact that the foal was born also helps - baby horse! What NOT to love? So cute! I didn't know that the foal had been born, or I would have taken my camera with me and gotten a few pictures. Next week, I promise.

But yes, I've been working out and attempting to actually eat three to four servings of fruit and veggies a day. I've pretty much given up the whole idea of managing to eat enough fiber, but I think I'm ok with that.

I'm mentioning this so that someone will know about it to be on my case about the whole thing. This is the first time I've EVER tried to diet and/or exercise - I've always been skinny enough to get away with eating whatever I want. And I tend to want things like apples or pretzels. Exercise.. well, last summer, work WAS exercise. But I've been active in some form or another since I was three years old, when I started gymnastics. Then riding.. then marching band and musical. And then college, with no marching band, no gymnastics, no musical, and no riding. I started going to the gym and noticed that my mood SKYROCKETED. Endorphins really do make me happy.

This year, however, I never got into the habit. I gave my body a break after the beating it took over the summer (read: I am lazy) and then got sick. And then sick again. The laziness aspect certainly didn't help things.

I'm hoping that mentioning this will give me motivation enough to continue til this is a habit.

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