Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Finished Object: Meagan's Scarf!

The Specs:
Pattern: Basketweave pattern. 15 stitches across, switching between knit and purl every 3 stitches and four rows.
Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy, Thick & Quick, two skeins
Colors: #214, Berkshires, lot 60519
Needles: size 15 Boye straights, 14" long
Start to Finish: Started over Christmas Break, finished on 2/21/07
For: My sister, Meagan

(sorry, forgot to rotate that and am too lazy to fix it)

Notes: I hate the yarn. I hate the color. And I hate the needles. That said, this was a fairly quick knit. In less than a month, I had managed to knit the first half of the scarf and then had to put it down while waiting for the other skein to show up. I think I started it again last Wednesday, the snow day, and I finished tonight. Meagan loves the color and the pattern, so I'd call this a successful project. I think it is a little over five feet long, which is perfect as my sister is a little over five feet tall.

I was too lazy to find my needle and also figured that the yarn, as bulky as it it, wouldn't fit in the eye of the needle. So I used a paper clip. Oddly enough, this worked super well. I will have to keep this idea in mind for the future.

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  1. Arent' paper clips wonderful? I used the same size (striaghtened out) as a replacement needle!
    Nice scarf. I hope your sister enjoys it (but doesn't need it much more this year)