Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Catch Up

$458 and 30 books later, I need a larger bookshelf. 30 books for a 15 week semester means about two books per week. That'd be do-able, but ... at least half of the books are over two hundred pages and two of them are 800+ page books. This is gonna be a fun semester! Some of the books actually look really good, like Special Topics in Calamity Physics (which, don't worry, is just a novel) and Toni Morrison's Paradise. I'm also looking forward to Beware of God: Stories and The Plot Against America. I think part of the reason I'm so excited is that I get to read some contemporary texts this semester. YAY!

I dragged the Branching Out scarf back out and have tacked on another 3 or 4 repeats. The pattern has either gotten easier or I'm a better knitter, since the pattern is easier than I remember. I'm no longer getting lost if I put it down mid-row (I know, I know. But when the phone rings and you only have til a certain point in the song your phone is playing, you do things like put down your knitting mid-row). I'm hoping to finish the thing by the end of February at the latest. And then! I get to discover the Magic that is blocking lace.

Here's the current status of the Bayerische socks:

The color is actually pretty close in that picture. And I am still loving the pattern, just working on a few other projects in my attempt to finish projects that have been on the needles in a while.

Blaze, as a result, has been left like this:

Soft! Fuzzy! Yummy! As soon as I see Julie, I'll have size 6 circs to start the body and to enjoy this pattern even more.

And this is my sister's scarf, in a lovely mess of colors that she, thankfully, loves. Basketweave pattern, of knit 3, purl 3 across for four rows. She's happy with it and it really is going quickly. It is just kinda boring and I don't really like the larger size yarn and needles.
And I've turned the heel in my first toe-up sock, so I just have the cuff to go. I'm thinking it will be a 6" cuff, so those will be for a while. Pictures when I get around to it.


  1. Hey! How can a college student have more time to knit than I? I am a substitute teacher(no lesson plans) with 2 adult kids (one away at school,even) and I never clean house(OK enough to keep the cooties down). where do you find the time to finish so much? (And I looove the sister's scarf, even if it is boring to knit, do you knit in class?)

  2. I tried branching out and ended up with a mess of snarls. could have been the superfine alpaca I was using - it's pretty snarly. maybe I should use something different.

    I *heart* toe up socks. For some reason, they seem to go so much faster for me than cuff down ones. Those socks in the picture are GO-GEOUS, though. I really need to give cabling a try. I'm such a chicken!