Tuesday, November 14, 2006


First, the whinning:

I'm in a weird mood that I can't shake. I'm thinking it is called "stress" and is related to the five major papers I have to write between now and Christmas. For a total of 50 pages. (Let's stop and consider that, blog entries aside, I ALWAYS have trouble making page requirements. I am concise. Perhaps TOO concise, but let's not make any hasty judgments, shall we?)

I plan on locking myself in the library tomorrow, as my second class is canceled and I skip the third one anyway, since my professor likes to think "reading power-point slides out-loud" is equal (or better than) lecturing, aka, actually teaching. And I'd be fine with the reading of the slides and whatnot, but for one thing. He posts them all online. I can read on my own, thankyouverymuch.  

Uh, so, back to library, yes? Library, with books and notebooks and laptop and finishing the paper on Emma. Went to office hours today, managed to flesh out my idea, expand on a really interesting point. My printer is still broken and thus, my writing process is also still broken. (I print a rough draft and sit with it in front of me as I open a new word document and re-write it, re-organize it, etc.) Really cramping my style, yo. And I want to have this paper done and handed in by Friday.

So that I can lock myself in the library this weekend, minus the Michigan State game, and crank out some pages for my Chaucer paper, for which I shall write a 6 source annotated bibliography tomorrow, while in the library. But I can't remember if I can get wireless signal while actually IN the stacks and that might make things a tad difficult, what with the finding of online sources and such. Blargh. We shall see.

In addition, my field trip to Harrisburg for Thursday was canceled. I have a 25 page paper hanging over my head, making mean faces and taunting me. I am ignoring it 'til other papers are due, such as Emma, Chaucer, and the list-serv topic one.

In theory, I have all of this under control. So why can't I manage to fall asleep when I go to bed?

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