Monday, November 27, 2006

I found myself internet-less over break. My laptop's internal Ethernet adapter died last spring and I forgot to take home my USB adapter. My dad bought me a new one, but I could NOT get it to work. (I really really really hate Linksys products. Just throwing that out there.) I spent more time with Linksys customer service than I did working on my paper.

How's the paper, you ask? Um.. I have 3.5 pages out of an 8 page paper. I have yet to include any of the 6 required sources. In fact, I think I might only have found 4 sources so far. Or rather, by doing what my professor TOLD ME TO DO, I found a whole BUNCH of sources. I just can't get my little paws on a copy, since half those journals are no longer published and so forth. I'm almost at the point where I'd pay per-article on YWES just to look at a few of those.

I've always been pretty good at taking a line from a source and twisting it to my purpose. I just know that I shouldn't really do that, even if I say things like "So and so argues this, but really, they are missing THAT major point."

Unfortunately, fortunately, I figured out that I really only need a 75 on this paper to receive an A in the class. And that's giving myself a little breathing room on the final (which should be very very easy) and attendance (have missed only one class) and quizzes (have done very very well). For an A-, I just need a 70. Somehow, I think I can manage at least a 70. I hope.

Problem? That takes away any motivation to actually work on this paper. And if the paper is supposed to be 8-10 pages, how short do you think I can get away with? 7.5 pages? That's what I'm hoping.

So, tomorrow, I shall lock myself in the library after classes, with a couple copies of the Chaucer Review and pound out a paper. Hopefully in time to come home and watch Gilmore Girls and House. It is kinda my only homework for Tuesday, so, shouldn't be that bad.

But then.. this weekend, I head back to the library and write my list-serv paper for Hist 490. Then, I have three weeks to write my 25 page paper for Hist 401. And Eng 302's final paper isn't due til the Thursday of Finals Week and I'm thinking that paper won't be so very bad. We'll see.

There wasn't much knitting over break. There was much reading and riding and being at the barn and realizing that my mother is not a happy person and that I really dislike my sister. Not much sleeping, a lot of laundry.

And since no one likes a picture-less post, I present Tina and I:

And the thing my father made me take pictures of on Thursday. Cause Thanksgiving is never complete without rusting machines:

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  1. Matching sweaters and smiles. Very nice. Glad you had a chance to take a breather, now the challenge is to get back to work. I still have at least Monday before I get back to work (not counting the yard work. Is December too late to rake leaves?)