Friday, May 26, 2006

you'll think of me

I'm all settled in the apartment, though I have yet to take pictures. I'm rarely in the place during the day- I come upstairs between 5:30 and 7pm, take a shower, and often turn around and leave again.

I've got wireless internet from the main house, but the signal is really low. This is my current set up:

That's the only place my computer doesn't a) over-heat (stupid Dell setup) and b) lose internet signal.

As a result, blogging hasn't happened. I'm hoping to fix that, but no promises. In exchange, I offer this following shot of the first completed sock:

I've started the second one already, but have limited time to work on it. Three nights a week are devoted to homework- at least two hours of reading a night. Reading about things like the library, what a card catalog is, and why I might want to use it. Technically, I'm a junior in college. If I don't know that by now, I should be failing out of school.

The lace scarf hasn't gotten much farther, either. I got a good 5 pattern repeats in at the Outer Banks, but haven't touched it since. No wonder it takes me so long to finish stuff.

I'm debating with the idea of devoting a day of the week to cross-stitch. I have a ton of kits left that I haven't started/finished and I love it. Problem is, you actually have to pay attention to that. And count. A lot. We'll see.

Hopefully, I'll soon have a better set up that doesn't kill back, arms, and hands to type.

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  1. In the shower this morning I was thinking of what I should aim to finish over the summer. Amazing how the list always exceeds the time available, yet I but more yarn, patterns, and fabric. Ah, me! Keep up with the needle work and the school work.