Monday, April 24, 2006

you'll see boys

So, the sixth sense sock is moving along... but is undeniably too small for my feet. I don't want to frog and start all over- I'm getting about 10 stitches to the inch when I should be getting 8.5. Moving up a size in needles might not do that much good. I could add another pattern repeat to the number of stitches to cast on, but then I get the problem of attempting to do math when I get to the heel again. Shouldn't be too hard, but I don't wanna rip. If they fit my roommate's tiny feet (and she'll actually wear them) , I'll frog and start over.

The lace hasn't moved any farther, since I screw up too many times if I look away from that one. I'll have time to work on that at the beach.

I actually get a vacation this summer! Wahoo! The Boyfriend's family has a house in the Outer Banks and he's having friends down for the first two weeks after finals. I've got to work on Sunday, but will drive down on the 8th and drive back on the 12th.  

In other news, visited Whipple Dam on Sunday with the Photo Club. (Or rather, two other members of the photo club. Turn out, not so great. Shots, great.) It was really nice out, after a loud thunderstorm that morning and rain all day on Saturday. A bit too buggy for my taste, but I'm told I have high standards.

I love the following shot. I happened to glance at the park's rules and regulations and found definitions of some of the things forbidden- pets and snowmobiles, in particular. I didn't read the whole thing and couldn't get a picture that would let me read it later, but I wonder if they later forbid equines and bovines, or could one bring cattle to the park?

I want to cast on Opal sock yarn and start those. I knit a swatch tonight while watching a dress rehearsal/preview of Much Ado About Nothing. I got about 10.5 stitches per inch on US size 2 needles. I don't think that's normal. (Specially when the band tells me 8 stitches to one inch on US size 1 needles.) What to do, what to do? I think I'll just knit another swatch. I've discovered that I can't NOT knit. (And that's how I know that knitting is a disease.) Maybe toe up socks would be the solution, cause I could just keep increasing til they fit? Suggestions?

(Side note: If I want people to read my blog, I should start leaving comments on other people's blogs. (yes, I do like to state the obvious.) But... I feel like I'm butting into the "adults' time" since the average age of a knitter who blogs is NOT 20. So, am I too young to 'fit in' the knitting blog circle(s)? Or do I just need to keep leaving comments and post lots of pictures so people come back to see how projects are progressing? Again, suggestions, my non-existent audience?)

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  1. Honey, I check you every day or so. I even leave comments now and again. For the heels of your socks, if you have read the Harlot's new book she gives pretty good directions (OK they cover everything!) about socks. The heel stitches are usually half the number of stitches around the leg and then pick up one stitch for every right side row for the gusset. Clear? If not, read, keep posting, and I live in Altoona.