Friday, April 14, 2006

Knitting is a disease

One ball of this:

Can knit into about this much sock:

I finished them last week, on Sunday, I think. Since then, I've been working on my lace scarf (on the 5th repeat out of 27...) but I actually have to pay attention to that one and read the pattern, meaning that I can't knit and watch TV.

I'm also working on a felting project- pot holders. I ended up with a lot of Patton's left over and it is supposed to be great wool for felting. My mother has been after me to knit potholders and I figured I could manage to knit and felt a potholder before finals week.

I bought three skeins of Opal sock yarn off of eBay this week, two arrived today. I'm excited to start with those, though the yarn looks super tiny. Lots of little stitches on little dpns. Woo!

I also ventured out to Stitch Your Art Out today, the local yarn/quiting store. Cute little shop, lots of awesome and yummy yarns. Sadly, there is a yarn store closer at school than at home... Bah. Oh, well. Should just encourage me to buy online or in bulk. (Somehow, that doesn't seem like a good thing for my wallet...)

So, now I have three balls of yarn to start for socks so I'm looking around for patterns. And I'll be able to start my SixSock knit-along socks, which will be awesome.

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  1. Just came over from......oh, who knows how I got here. Could be the Harlot. I am in Altoona and thank you so much for the new yarn shop to seek. Around here we have AC Moore, JoAnn's, and two small locally owned places (one is great but has only a small amount of yarn, more of a embriodery shop, and the other is....well, not comfortable for me.) I look forward to visiting the new (to me) place. Great looking socks.