Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have NO talent for witting titles. Or interesting titles.

I'm currently having serious issues with my internet connection. A 'local area cable has been unplugged' on a VERY regular basis and doesn't like to be plugged back in. I've fiddled with it quite a bit and I think it is a hardware issue, which means I need to replace my network card. That won't be happening any time soon so I think my computer will continue to vex me. (I swear it knows when I want to talk to someone on AIM or go to a website, since I almost always lose a connection then. Evil, evil thing that must last at least two more years.)

And so concludes the lengthly explanation for the lack of any updates.

I was on repeat 7 on the lace scarf when I realized I had made a mistake some 4 rows back. I'm now working on the 5th repeat again. I think I've learned why people hate knitting lace. If you screw up and have to frog, you had better hope that you thought to put lifelines in. I had been carrying one lifeline every pattern repeat, but my mistake was below that. Luckily, one row only has 25 stitches, compared to the other's with 31. It looks much better now, if a bit shorter.

I've started the Sixth Sense Socks. I'm loving the yarn, Sockotta, even though it is 45% cotton. I normally hate knitting cotton cause it doesn't have that much stretch to it. I'm also loving my new bamboo dpns. Almost enough to go buy another set. Almost. Then I could cast on my Opal sock yarn, which arrived over the weekend. But I think I should finish these before finals. I'm afraid they might be too small for me, so I need to find someone with smaller feet who will actually wear them.

I think I'm going to set up my textbook to knit and read. Luckily for me, I've already read tomorrow's assignment so close attention to detail will be towards the sock, not The Rape of the Lock. YAY for yarn and needle goodness. And yay for homework that allows me to knit and read. The paper I have yet to write will piss me off cause it will cut into good knitting time.


  1. I've been knitting lace for years, so I fell kind of dumb, but what's a lifeline? Beautiful lace btw.

  2. dang *feel* sigh. guess it's time to go to bed.